Mobile apps have transformed the way how business used to be done. Now users can look, shop, pay and order almost anything using mobile applications anytime and from anywhere. Most apps are developed for Android and iOS platforms as these are currently leading the app market space. Over 80 percent of the smartphone applications are built for Android and iOS platforms.

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Android is strongly leading with more than 70 percent dominance in the app market space. Over 1.4 billion users are using Android smartphones worldwide and not less than 1.5 billion apps are being downloaded every month by the users from the Google Play Store. With such a strong and massive user base, it is always advisable for enthusiasts to consider investing in the development of an application for an Android platform over other options available to them.

Every upcoming enterprise needs a smartphone application for expanding and flourishing its start-up and reaching global heights and if this is the case then opting for Android platform will give you a massive reach as compared to iOS platform.

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Reasons Why Start-ups Should Prefer Investing In Android App Development-

Let us take a look at the benefits that your start-up can derive by investing in the development of an Android application.

  • Worldwide Reach: Developing an android application for your start-up will assure you a global reach. Android platform has a wider reach and it is massively dominating the app OS industry when it comes to total number of user base. Choosing an android platform for your app will enhance your reach and visibility and assist you with a wider exposure like no other. So, if global reach and easy access to target users are the prime motives behind developing an application for your start-up then you should readily go for Android platform. Checkout the best Enterprise App Development Company.

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  • Smooth Entry: Opting for an android platform will ensure your app to have a smooth entry as you will save huge on licensing fees, annual renewal fee and other charges as well. All you need to do is to focus on developing a flawless application that fulfils the needs, requirements, and expectations of your targeted users.
  • Budget Friendly: Developing an Android app could be a feasible option for you as you can easily get android app developers at budget friendly prices. Preferring an iOS platform for your start-up based application could cost you a fortune. Start-ups always have a budget crisis in their initial phase and if this is the same case for your new business set-up too then you can always consider getting an android app and save a lot of funds that you would have otherwise invested in making an iOS mobile application. Checkout the best ipad app development company.
  • Easy distribution on multiple channels: Android apps can be easily distributed on multiple channels like Samsung, Amazon, HTC, Motorola, etc. Your app can easily earn a good reach on these 3rd party platforms too. It would become easier for you to lure a decent number of users for your new mobile application development company.

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Android Operating System should ideally be your primary choice for developing an app for your start-up business. It is cost effective and might definitely give you a greater exposure as compared to other iOS available in the market. You can save a lot on licensing fees, app development, annual renewal fees, app maintenance, and such other charges by preferring an app for android platform. Once you find your app has made a mark on the Android Operating System then you can consider developing the same for iOS and other platforms.

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