The current situation that the whole world is experiencing is totally devastating. The pandemic has hit the corners of the world and is one of the biggest pandemics that the world has ever seen.

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Business all over the world is affected to a greater extent. Many companies of major domains and startups especially mobile app development organizations are facing an expected downfall. Businesses are grasping other methods that can help make up to the lost time.

The situations went worse because of the quarantine lockdown that got initiated by many nations all around the world. By hearing the quarantine being imposed on all over the nation, people went into hysteria about the daily required essentials.

People were taken by the fear of a limited amount of medicine and immediately rushed to their nearby stores to gather necessary medicine, toilet paper, sanitizers and more. The sudden attack on the retail and medicine stores led to worse situations as social distancing was totally discarded by people at that time. To overcome this, leaders of various countries came forward and addressed that they won’t come up short on important supplies and everything is taken care of.

Other supplies are manageable but when it comes particularly to medicines, people don’t want to come up short especially in these discreet times. For everybody to get the medicines-organizations, stores introduced health plans and a limited amount was supplied to them.

If you look at the positive aspect of things than we were already equipped with life-saving medicine delivery apps in this period of hardships. The medicine delivery apps were always connected despite being at a distance from each other.

Importance of mobile delivery apps?

Since people are stuck at their homes, medicine delivery apps have a huge task of delivering the door of the medicine to door. Whenever a user can see the stock of medicine is depleting, he/she can use go through the medicine delivery app and it will be delivered.

The medicine delivery apps save a lot of time and energy of the users and the risks of getting into the grounds of COVID19 are minimized. With the help of mobile app development companies, we have DDS (drug delivery systems) that handles all the delivery of medicines and at the right time. The apps are even great as they can connect to a doctor virtually.

The apps have made people realized that medicines can also be bought online with authenticity and not only medical dispensary is responsible for medicines. The punctual deliveries of required medicines are always great.

There are high chances that some of the medicines in your stock may have passed the expiry or might not have the desired quality because of the damage caused by the negligence by house members and might need a replacement. What rescues you at such time are medicine delivery apps. Excellent deals on quality along with significant discounts make the apps better.

The best thing about such apps is that the dosage amount of intake can be determined using the interface of the app. They are not limited to provide their services only in urban areas but also to the users who live in distant and remote areas.

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Challenges faced by the telemedicine industry

There are many challenges that lie in front of the telemedicine industry due to COVID-19. Due to the sudden nature of the outbreak, a bridge is created between the facilities and the ability to supply medication. Providing a supply of medicine at densely populated is harder. Also, a large stock is required thus, creating a lot of problems for the telemedicine industry. Coronavirus can spread at a faster pace than has left medical authorities in despair as it has created an imbalance between the facilities and abilities of medical establishments. The treatment for the disease has not been discovered yet and that is why telemedical industries are finding it hard to provide a proper consultation. The sudden decrease in the availability of medical equipment such as face masks, sanitizers, and more. since the demand for this equipment has increased the quality can get reduced.

The delivery person might be fatal as the disease is infectious and highly contagious.A doctor is only paid if a senior is physically present on the premises. The patient’s home cannot be considered as the facility and for treatment, a patient needs to travel to the nearest and it is dangerous at the right time. People with less immunity have a higher risk of catching the virus so taking care of them is the new need of the hour. Patients may face interruptions in placing the order for many reasons such as bad weather conditions and more.

Basic features of Medicine Delivery apps:


Profile creation is a must that includes all the details that are necessary to buy medicine.


This feature gives the option of sending their medical prescriptions after scanning it.

Coverage through insurance:

There are a lot of insurance companies that cover the medication of a few patients.

Search process:

A search bar is made available to the users by which they can search for a specific doctor and more.


All kinds of payment methods are available to make easy hassle-free payments giving the users a very unique experience.


Push-in notifications to tell the users about their medicines that are soon loading out.


This feature lets users give the right ratings and reviews about the services of the app.

Schedule delivery of medicine:

Scheduled delivery time is set to deliver the medicines at your doorstep; usually, the window goes for a minimum of 3 hours.

Automatic medicine refills:

This feature lets people get their medicines before they run out in a period of time.

Contact form:

The option of reaching the pharmacies to clear out some queries by the users is provided.


Many android app development companies are curating medicine delivery apps as most of the users of the world are android. It is going to score big even after COVID-19 as people are now familiar with the platforms, its accessibility, and the

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