WhatsApp will stop working on some iPhones and Android smartphones from January 1. A lot of Android and iOS phones will not be able to run the app as the company will withdraw support for its older versions of OS in the coming year.

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As per the information available on the app’s FAQ section, WhatsApp will only function on phones running the Android 4.0.3 operating system or newer as well as iPhones running on iOS 9 and newer. All iPhones up to iPhone 4 will not be able to access the app in the next coming days. These iPhone models include the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6S. Android phone models include HTC Desire, Motorola Droid Razr, LG Optimus Black, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 that will lose access to the messaging app. 

WhatsApp to withdraw support from select iOS, Android phone in 2021

The app will keep running smoothly on select phones with KaiOS 2.5.1 OS or newer, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2. To know which Operating System (OS) an iPhone is running, click on the Settings menu, go to the General and Information option, Software and you will be able to see the OS running on that iPhone. 

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