The term IoT has got much diversified in recent years where experts have best explored this great technological concept to redefine interconnectedness. According to Statista, there are more than 21.7 billion active connected devices across the globe among which more than half; 11.7 billion are IoT devices. IoT has emerged as the best technique that have digitized physical environment around us. Whether it’s a smart TV, smart home or even smart city, IoT-enabled applications are making it possible to know anything, anytime, and anywhere around us. The technology has certainly transformed various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, entertainment, and many more. This blog will offer in-depth information on what is IoT devices and what significant changes it has brought I our day-to-day lives.

A Quick Overview of IoT

A Quick Overview of IoT

IoT is an umbrella term that perfectly depicts billions of physical objects which are connected through internet. You just need to connect and monitor IoT devices that exchange data and information to facilitate umpteen practices and operations that are carried out by various industries.

An IoT device can be anything from ordinary household cooking appliance to highly sophisticated industrial tools. Each IoT component consists a Unique Identifier UID that can transmit data without any manual intervention.

Types of IoT

Types of IoT

IoT is extensively used over a wide range of applications for networking, communication, and connectivity. The protocols for each category depend much on the type of IoT application deployed.

There are different types of IoT devices that are widely used by these industrial sectors. Here are some most commonly used IoT devices:

Consumer IoT

Consumer IoT

These devices include those which are used for home-specific purposes. Your smart TV, Smart lights, smart home and voice assistance are some major IOT devices that are used for consumer purpose.

Commercial IoT

These devices are mostly used in healthcare and transportation sectors. Smart pacemakers and monitoring systems in hospitals are some good examples of commercial IoT devices.

Military Things (IoMT)

There are certain operations in Military that are carried out with the help of this effective IOT technology. Surveillance robots, drones, human wearable biometrics for combat are some examples of IoT devices that are hugely used by worldwide Militaries.

Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT)

Manufacturing and energy sectors have extensively utilized IoT technology in different industrial applications including digital control systems and industrial Big Data.

Infrastructure IoT

“Smart cities” is a common term now. Infrastructure sensors and management systems are primarily used in developing smart cities where traffic, public transport, healthcare services, and various other amenities can be easily offered through connect and monitor IoT device.

So, What Exactly are IoT Devices?

You must have got enough insights to guess what an IoT device is. IoT devices are hardware devices like sensors, gadgets, appliances, and other machines that can collect and exchange data on internet. These devices are programmed according to their use and scope of the application. For an instance, an IoT device in your car can easily identify directions and traffic conditions and send a message to the person you are going to meet.

How Does an IoT Device Work?

There are different types of IoT devices varying in their functionalities but there remains one common thing, and that is how they work. These devices are physical objects that can easily sense things around them. These devices consist of an integrated CPU, network adaptor, and firmware that are usually connected to a dynamic host configuration protocol server. To perform on the internet, it also requires an IP address.

Generally, most securing IoT devices are configured and managed through a software application. However, some devices also have integrated web severs that simply eliminates the need for an external application, just like lights get switched on automatically when you enter a room.

Some Common Examples of IoT Devices

In our day-to-day lives, we are wrapped around IoT devices ranging from household uses to industrial applications. Let’s have look on some common examples of IoT devices that are widely used across the globe.

Home Security

You must be aware of these advanced securing IoT devices for homes where a variety of sensors, lights, alarms, and cameras are used for home security purpose. All these devices can be easily controlled and monitored through your smartphone.

Activity Trackers

This is another major revolution that IOT has brought in our lives to monitor and address health issues. Activity trackers are a kind of smart sensors that can monitor and transmit major health indicators in real-time. You can track your heartbeat, pulse rate, physical movements, water & oxygen level and many more things with it.

Industrial Security & Safety

There are various IoT-enabled devices that are widely used for industrial purpose. Detection systems, sensors, and cameras are placed at risky and restricted areas to ensure safety measures at workplace. These devices can also identify pressure buildups, leakage of hazardous chemicals, and fix them before the situation becomes out of control.

Augmented Reality Glasses

Gamers and movie lovers must have experienced the thrill and excitement that these computer-enabled glasses offer while watching 3D animations and videos. These glasses carry the information within and help users access internet applications.

Google home voice controller, Amazon Echo Plus, August Doorbell cam, August smart Lock, and Foobot are some most admired IoT devices in 2021.

Seamless Possibilities in Future

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, and as businesses and other industries will require more advancements in IoT technology to connect and monitor IoT devices. We never know what’s going to be the next scene with IoT-enabled devices. At present, various industrial sectors are exploring the depth of this efficient and affordable technology to make most out of their data sharing and big data analysis.

However, experts reveal that it’s just a beginning and we are going to witness some more innovative concepts with this technology that will connect physical objects seamlessly. It will be crucial how other technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR/VR and Blockchain are best intertwined with IoT to elaborate with its scope and functionalities. Connectivity is the next revolution that will have significant impact on masses and IoT has critical role to play in this.

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