Abu Dhabi residents have been exhorted to be exponentially cautious of any suspicious phone call and email to eliminate online threats from hackers. The UAE prosecutors continuously warning people about the Dh1m fine for internet fraud. The Abu Dhabi DIgital Authority stated on Twitter, it should be ensured the source of received phone calls, emails, the types of information demanded, and people must not download any kind of attachment file from any unknown sources to avoid impact on devices. Classic Application Services UAEIn a recent report from banking and police institutions, the maximum number of people who have been victimized by numerous online fraud operations and their money had been stolen because of lacking precautionary measures in their online financial dealings. 

‘Mass Mail Attack’ attack in UAE

This authority suggested people keep update their software programs and OS as it supports the devices serve improved security and allows them to identify and eliminate viruses that might steal data. According to the authority, this precaution is one of the most vital tools that offer protection against any kind of cyber threat. One of the important aspects is mass mail attacks of service disruption attacks. Its progresses through sending a huge number of emails to a particular email address in a short span of time, with the target of exceeding that space of the user’s inbox. All these attacks might impact the server of email to malfunction. 

UAE business news updates

The UAE police warning people especially about fake restaurant websites as a scam alert which stealing credit card information or individual details of financial accounts via any unreliable website or email. 

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