The first cybersecurity organization Virsec to completely secure software as it is accomplishing, today declared a $100 million Series C investment from an incomparable industry players’ community and organization builders. 

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The round completion brings complete funding in the organization to $137 million. With concentration and immediacy from the White House along with leaders of the private sector to aggressively enlarged cybersecurity advancement and collaboration for the national and economic defense purpose. Virsec has accumulated an expertise pool and resources to elaborate spread its team, and power an amplification o its groundbreaking creations. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Virsec is Dave Furneaux

Virsec Security Platform (VSP) pauses worldly-wise attacks at the first insurgence point, so an adversary does not have the residence time in software to arranged and perform their harmful plans. VSP is the one and the only solution that could realy warn to the workload of software at runtime, in real-time, when lessening the security cost operations. 

The chief executive officer of Virsec, Dave Furneaux said that “the world runs on software, and with the onslaught of damaging attacks to it, the world is also in a cyber crisis. That is why Virsec developed an unprecedented, radical, and multi-patented approach to fully protect software while it is executing, regardless of its environment.” He also opined they are able to offer their customers a ‘golden image’ of their software, different types of bugs and all, and hence they directly defect and pause attacks before they happen. 

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