UI/UX aspect will always remain a deciding factor for any app’s success. It is an app’s accessibility, usability, and appearance that contribute towards its value and attractiveness. Mobile app developers always have this pressure to create unique UI/UX designs every time they work on a different app development project. Using illustrations for App UI/UX Design can be a great way to improvise your UI/UX part in an app as these illustrations come with varied functionalities and can assist you in enhancing the user interface of any app. Adhering to the concept of creativity and originality in app development, it becomes quite imperative for app developers to use some unique ideas and concepts to come up with unparalleled UI/UX designs. This blog will offer good insights on using illustrations to create unimaginable user experience through your app development.

A brief About Illustrations

An illustration is just like an example or you can say visual interpretation of some concept, idea, or even a process. There are umpteen mobile app development tools and technologies that you can consider to develop scalable and distinct apps and an illustration is an image targeting clarification, support, and drawing out ideas that users get from other sources.

Illustrations have been a part of umpteen print stuffs like magazines, newspapers, books, posters, and educational materials but digital illustrations have really assisted developers in their creativity. Moreover, it’s becoming an essential tool to enhance usability and emotional appeal of the interface of your app development.

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Types of UI Illustrations

Here are some common types of Illustrations for app UI/UX design that you can consider while developing any app. Based on your project requirements, you can easily pick an apt one among these to deliver unmatched uniqueness and creativity in your apps.

Tutorials: These illustrations are extremely beneficial to create unique UI designs for users who often don’t prefer read the whole copy. Such images are best to create smooth interface with limited screen space.

 Illustrations Tutorial

Mascots: This kind of illustration hugely contributes to the voice and tone of your app. Mascots are personified characters that add to the personification of your UI aspect. Moreover, it acts as a bridge between the app and its user and become a symbolic face for the product that an app focuses on.

Rewards: One of the most popular form of illustrations that are widely used in form of cups, medals, badges, stickers, many more elements that allow smooth navigation through an app.

Rewards Illustrations

Entertainment: The primary purpose of using illustrations in UI designs of an app is to entertain users. However, it’s not directly related to the functionality of your app, but still contributes a lot towards in satisfying users’ expectations for beauty, style, and fun factor in an app.

Entertainment Illustrations

How to Use Illustrations in UI

Illustrations are not just a decorative element that supports unique UI designs, in fact, it has a huge impact on the overall functionality of your app to make interactions more friendly and graceful.  There are several ways through which you can use these illustrations in your app.

  • Heroic Images
  • Infographics
  • Mascots & Characters
  • Storytelling
  • Notifications & Messages
  • Onboarding tutorials & tool tips
  • Marketing & Advertising Banners
  • Images for Blogs & articles
  • Theme Images

How to Access Incomparable Illustrations?

We have mentioned some top-rated sources from where you can pool up several illustrations for UI/UX design to offer unmatched user experience for your app.


An amazing platform to access free illustrations that allows filtration by user case categories like sign-in/sign-out, welcome, errors, and many more. You will find different set of illustrations to choose from 20 different illustrators.


The digital era demands for a more human interactions between the app and users. It will surely help you to beautify your handmade designs with unique combinations of some absurd designs. Merging absurdity along with your own creativity will surely let you get some best design concepts from here.


This platform is a perfect match of people with design library crafted by Pablo Stanley. The illustrations are completely free for both corporate and personal use. You can easily flip and turn the elements as per your requirements.


This is another amazing platform from where you can get some most creative and mind-blowing images to consider for your UI design part. You will find ready-to-use color image generation to express your uniqueness and creativity that best suits your brand identity.

Artboard Design

A convenient and flexible platform where you can set the mock-ups by clicking the photos of natural objects and then converting them into your app’s suitable format.


James Dally has created this wonderful resource with utter diligence and creativity where you can find a great accumulation of appealing and customizable illustrations for both websites and mobile apps. You explore among ten packs of seamless animated scenes that will set your apart from the crowd.

You can use this information to enhance your functional element by creating some best innovative UI/UX designs to make your app gain instant popularity because of its smooth and hassle-free navigation and user interface.

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