If there is a chance of applying multi-factor evidence over a password, while it comes to online safety, then go for different factor assertation each time, opined by Januszkiewicz, the founder of CQUREand regional director of Microsoft. 

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She expressed that cybercriminals have customized their point of view specifically to aim at end-users in an offer to break into corporate networks. This latest trend has amplified in tandem with the development of the distant workforce during the pandemic of Covid-19. 

Paula Januszkiewicz said that there are numerous cybersecurity challenges that organizations are currently facing. Generally, we have several more people sitting relax at home due to this coronavirus pandemic and hackers know this fact pretty well. One mostly common identity theft tactic applied by many hackers to enter networks. A simple usage of passwords is not at all enough for restricting these harmful hackers anymore.

The Nation States are Allocating Remarkable Resources and Time to Gaining Strategic Cyber Advantage

In reply to a question, an explanation on the attack type that has developed in length and volume in the latest year, she indicated an enhanced in-country state attacks. Along with that, a developing industry of different organizations called the private sector offensive actors (PSOAs) are making and selling various cyberweapons that allow their users to break into users’ phones, internet-connected devices, and computers.  

She also added that “What we are seeing is an intersection between cyberattacks and Covid-19”. HP Inc disclosed in a current study report that a 100 percent surge in ‘significant’ nation-state incidents that held between 2017 and 2020. An analysis of more than 200 cybersecurity incidents related to the activity of the nation-state since 2009 displayed that the enterprise has now become a common target. In this study, experts have opined that the pandemic rendered a remarkable chance for the nation-state to achieve Covid-19-associated intellectual property data like all important data on vaccines.        

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