The UAE has announced plans to attract 100 of the world’s best coders to the country every day.At a government briefing to local and international media, Omar al Olama, minister of state whose portfolio covers Artificial Intelligence, digital economy and remote work, launched the ‘100 Coders Every Day’ program.He said that they aim to attract 100 of the top global coders to the UAE every single day, 365-days-a-year, adding 3,600 coders every single month and having 36,000 coders-plus every year.

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The latest move builds on the announcement earlier this year of the UAE’s National Program for Coders, which was aimed at attracting and training more than 100,000 coders, propelling the country forward as a digital hub and addressing the shortage of talent in the tech-sector.

Huge efforts would be made to encourage as many females into the industry. Omar-al-Olama also said that Female coders are at the heart of this transformation. Through this program they are going to create upskilling programs for female talent in the UAE. They want to have the highest percentage of female coders per capita in the world within the next five years and they want to ensure that our boys and girls are shaping the future companies and are part of the future companies.

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