The UAE National Programme for Artificial Intelligence has newly released a deepfake guide that will support the public to know both what are the harmful as well as useful utilization of the rising technology. In deepfake technology, there are different types of techniques that are used, such as artificial intelligence. It helps to develop both video and audio clips to make it look more authentic and convincing with the prime objective to deceive.

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Nowadays, this technology turning uncontrolled, and it has been identified in some cyberbullying incidents. As a part of the chief initiatives of the UAE Council for Digital Wellbeing, the guide was released and it was governed by Lt-Gen Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. 

 The Guide Was Released As Part of The Initiatives of UAE Council for Digital Wellbeing

The latest guide of deepfake technology has classified fake content into two various categories like deep and shallow. The shallow fakes pointed to videos in which one editing software is applied to slow down one’s speech without changing its pitch; it changes both locations and dates to ensure the appearance of the videos in recent or various locations. 

On the other hand, deepfakes, cite substituting the genuine voice or face with fake content built using advanced technologies. The guide represents different paths to identify various content which a[[lying systematic deepfake detection that powered by Al-based tools.

The Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, Omar bin Sultan Al Olama said that “it is imperative to focus on the positive and beneficial uses of advanced technologies, raise community members awareness on their potential and diverse applications, acquaint them with the most important future challenges, and use technology in developing innovative solutions to build a better future for next generations.” 

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