The repercussions of COVID-19 pandemic have been dreadful for many individuals. The constant rise in the global suicide and intention to self-harm rates is a fine example of how coronavirus pandemic is breaking the morale of individuals worldwide.

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Afrah Shuja, a 17 year old Dubai Girl has recently developed a smart web and mobile application for helping individuals in keeping their mental health in check.

Afrah in an interview to LiveX stated that her upcoming smart app on psychological wellbeing will be able to identify users that are at the verge of extreme mental and emotional sufferings and will recommend them suitable psychologists accordingly.

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She added that her smart application will also upkeep with the users suffering from mental illness from time to time and will offer personalized help with utmost confidentiality.

This teenage American girl expressed her opinions on the stigma going around mental health since centuries now. According to Afrah, this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the mental sickness in individuals worldwide. She believes that people should not just take care of their bodies but focus on their mental wellbeing too.

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Afrah even put forth some depressing facts issued in the year 2019 by the WHO and other reliable sources stating that suicide is one of the leading causes of death amongst youngsters of age 15 to 29 years and not less than 450 million silently suffer from mental diseases worldwide.

This young and enthusiastic lady even shared a disclaimer mentioning that the users must not rely on her app totally and must immediately seek a professional help if they are suffering from extreme mental illnesses. The aim of this smart app is to assist average individuals in feeling motivated and uplifted through the highs and lows of life.

The app is still under development process and shall be launched for the targeted users anytime soon.


The development and launch of this much-awaited smart application will help young lads in overcoming all the negativities prevailing in their life and keeping a regular check on their psychological wellbeing.

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