A spokesperson from Twitter has recently said that the company will soon be shutting down its Periscope mobile application for live streams owing to the decline in use and unnecessary spike in the cost of maintenance.

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Periscope mobile app was bought by Twitter in the year 2015 before it was even launched and now the latter finds it difficult to continue the former as an individual mobile application. This information was presented by Twitter via its official blog post and it is also mentioned that the Periscope mobile app will be discontinued by March itself.

Twitter soon to drop its Periscope mobile application for live streams-
The reason behind discontinuing this mobile app is the tremendous decline in its usage and the rise of cost in maintaining the same. As this app will be removed from the app stores in the month of March 2021, users are informed that they can now download their broadcasts archives prior to its permanent discontinuity.


Twitter will be discontinuing its Periscope mobile app for live streaming videos by the first quarter of 2021 as it is difficult for the company to deal with the ever rising costs and that too with such low usage.


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