One of the key players in social networking platform Twitter has recently introduced captions for voice tweets. The company has made its mind to add a new upvote and downvote feature in Twitter where people can share their support and oppose in form of votes. This all new feature will accompany the existing options to reply a tweet. Right now the company is undergoing testing this new feature with a small number of Twitter users (iOS) and will launch the feature once it is verified on some technical grounds.

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Twitter had mentioned that from now, iOS users will see upvotes and downvotes in different styles and the company is testing the feature to understand the types of replies which you find relevant to any conversation. Your downvotes will not be shown publically but upvotes will be visible for all just as the “likes” you share with any post. Twitter also reported that currently, this feature will not impact the order of tweets in any way but will be added as an extra option to express your opinion and opposes on any particular tweet.

The Company is making diligent efforts to make Twitter an up-to-the-minute social media platforms

Just last week, Twitter also introduced the ability to add captions to voice messages. The feature enables users to record a snippet of audio which can be included in a tweet. However, the feature is currently available for iOS users only and it supports languages like English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean and Italian. The good thing is, the company is still progressive in providing helpful features which can make Twitter even more interesting for users and allow them to share their views and ideas in the best creative way and in an absolutely secured way. The feature will be soon available for both Android and iOS users once it gets all clearances from the tech team. is a one-stop platform for all app development solutions for your growing business in Dubai.

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