The food delivery company is developing into one of the world’s leading enterprises. Today, several mobile app development companies have begun investing in the food industry thinking about the long-term benefits of food delivery. If you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, take a look at some of these online apps in Dubai that deliver food. These food delivery apps in Dubai are also great choices if you want to order for birthdays, weekend parties, Valentine’s Day, and other celebrations like that.


Deliveroo is perfect when you only need fast advice about what to order. Need a short pizza party to throw in? Or is there a lunch offer that you want under AED 25? The app also runs fast promotions of this type, which are perfect if you normally take ages to decide what to order. And since Deliveroo is a global company, in other countries where Deliveroo operates you will be able to use the pick delivery service.


Zomato has to be one of the most famous food delivery apps today, with an excellent range of both fresh and familiar restaurants. With a large community of user feedback before placing your order, you can easily determine the restaurants and menu items are the best. And if you’re lucky enough to get Zomato Gold, then you can also get exclusive deals on your order.


Of course one of the region’s oldest food ordering systems, Talabat still has plenty of offerings. You’ll find increasingly popular fast-food chains and small coffee shops, which is perfect if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat more than a 5-star meal.


Spoonfed, a newcomer to the food delivery space, aims to fill a gap that other delivery apps don’t quite satisfy. It provides delivery from some of Karama’s most popular cafeterias and restaurants anywhere in Dubai, which might not be popular enough to warrant being on other delivery apps. Simply pick the eatery from which you would like to order, add your list to your cart, and your food will find its way across to you. It’s a perfect way to discover many of the perfect gems of food in one of Dubai’s oldest regions.

Eat clean:

This is the ideal food delivery app for all health-conscious people out there, even for those who have unique dietary restrictions. This platform features regular, weekly, and monthly meal plans. You can select from a variety of meals that are low in calories, vegan diets, exercise to build up meals, and more. And of course, whatever meal plan you want is delivered right in front of your house!

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All you have to do on this application is type in your location and a bunch of restaurants will pop up. — Restaurant will have a different timeline for how long the delivery will take, the delivery price (some are even free), and whether a minimum order is requested by the eatery. It also has a number out of 5 alongside each name of the restaurant, which is an online rating of how good the food is.

Careem Now:

As with the Uber eats model, Careem is now one of the country’s most economical food delivery apps. You can monitor your food order with Careem now, from when it’s cooked in the kitchen to when it’s delivered to your home in the car. It also offers lots of good deals, coupons, and discounts at various restaurants.


Glovo is one of the finest food delivery apps to serve fresh food for everyone at any time, with its 30 million+ installations. The distribution of the food is so streamlined that you can get your orders in minutes from the nearest supermarket.

In addition to 40 + cuisines, it provides a wide range of essential products at your fingertips, such as pharmacy, grocery stuff, and similar things. Glovo partners with more than 20,000 restaurants providing unlimited food and all-time updated menus.

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