The technology is the missing link between an awesome idea and a successful mobile application. In the mobile-based world, users want seamless and near-to-perfect applications on their mobiles. A perfect framework or the technologies for Android App Development can only provide an efficient service. In this article, we’ll see different types of technologies used in Android App Development in 2022 and how to choose the right one for your application.

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What technologies require for Android App Development?

Technologies require for Android App Development

Any App Development Company uses technologies or the tech stacks for Android App Development are based on the type of mobile application. There are different kinds of technologies required in different phases of Android App Development. Here, we’ll see the different phases of Android App Development and the types of technologies used to develop a basic app.

Technologies for Device:

A mobile Application has two parts- Device and Cloud

Device means the OS you’re using to develop the app. You can develop Native apps and Hybrid or Cross-platform Apps in Android OS. The same codes are used in Android and iOS to design Hybrid Apps. For time-saving and increasing cost-effectiveness of Android App Development, any good App Development Company uses Cross-platform Frameworks to create Android Apps.

Cross-Platform framework:

Mostly used Cross-platform Frameworks are as follows.

React Native:

• Facebook created this framework and released it as open-source in March 2015.

• It is a developer-friendly Java script base framework.

• React native use the same codebase for multiple OS. It speeds up the development process up to 30%.

• React focuses on highly responsive and intuitive UI development with the combination of ReactJS and JavaScript

• The developers get support from a large community of React Native.


• Google released this open-source and high-performance cross-platform app framework in May 2021.

• It has an inbuilt graphic engine that aids developers to make a single interface for both android and iOS.

• Flutter uses Dart programming language in place of JavaScript. The developers can write more structured programming codes with dirt.

• The quote reusability (80%) feature of Flutter makes it ideal for deploying the app on multiple OS with a single code.


• Microsoft launched this open-source, independent and streamlined cross-platform app development framework in 2011.

• Xamarin is most popular among the developers for its C# codebases. Thus, the developer of the C programming language can easily work with it.

• Xamarin has 90% code reusability.

• It saves cost and time that brings remarkably advantages to your business.

Any android app has two segments Application Client and Internal Database sectors.

Application Client:

It is a stand-alone application that runs on the Client machine and is essentially used by the users. It manages system or application administration.

It consists of UI/UX design and Backend development. In Backend development or to generate the backend code, the developers need to build Business logic and API-Led- Connectivity.

Business logic is the rules and commands, simply the programming that manages the exchange of information between the database and User Interface. Any Top Mobile App Development Company UAE uses the following Programming languages for Android App Development.

Programming Languages for Android App Development:

1. Java

• Java is the most preferred language for backend operation to any App Development Company.

• The flexibility of Java allows developers to write code that can run on any machine or device, irrespective of its architecture or platform.

• Multithreaded and dynamic Java help in running more than one thread at a time which leads to optimum utilization of the CPU.

• The strong support for OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) methodology makes Java a widely chosen programming language for building Android Apps.

2. C#

• C# is an ideal language for Android applications and it is similar to Java.

• C# is easier than Java as it has a simpler syntax.

• C# has a Garbage collection feature that prevents memory leaks.

3. Kotlin

• It is the second official Android App Development language by Google and is very well-accepted by android developers.

• This cross-platform programming language may be used as an alternative to Java. Actually, it is an advanced version of Java.

API-led-Connectivity works like a bridge to connect data with the application through reusable and purposeful application programming interfaces or APIs.

A good API helps the developers to implement certain technologies in developing applications by using some predefined operations.

The API with the set of web addresses (based on the HTTP protocol) that respond with pure information, not a formatted web page is known as Representational State Transfer API or REST. Top Mobile App Development Company UAE uses REST for Android App Development.

Internal Database:

Every Android device has an internal database server. Any reputed App Development Company uses SQLite, Realm DB and Firebase like databases for Android App Development.

Top database for android:


• It is a lighter version of SQL and this light-weighted database for android is specifically designed for mobile Apps.

• It is an open-source, standalone and relational database.

• This Pre-defined database for Android OS has a zero configuration feature.

• It is compatible with all programming languages.

Firebase’s Realtime Database:

• Google’s Firebase database for android enables developers to create high-quality apps swiftly and expand their business.

• Easy Authentication process of Firebase includes drop-in support for common authentication methods like Google and Facebook, as well as email and password login, anonymous login, and more.

• Realtime Database Security Rules allow authorize access for each user.

• It is very cost-effective for Android App Development as it reduces the cost of backend development and standardizes the environment in single and easy-to-learn technology. Therefore, front-end developers can manage all the activities.

Realm database:

• Realm database for android is a perfect alternative to SQLite databases.

• It performs CRUD operations very fast as it has no complex algorithm and no deserialization.

• Encrypted databases provide high data security.

• Zero-copy feature of this database prevents repetitions.

How to choose the Technology Stack:

Choosing the right technology stack for Android App Development is not easy. It is not the same for all projects. It depends on your requirement and the uniqueness of the app. It depends on several factors.

Goal of the App:

goal of the app

If you want an app that can grab a wide range of audiences through Android and iOS platforms in the shortest time and whose performance is not complex, you can go for Cross-platform frameworks for developing the app.


When you focus on delivering basic features of the app in the early stage and want to make it scalable when it grows, you need to choose a robust tech stack that can provide support and make it stable the app when traffic increases.


Security is a crucial feature of Android App Development. Generally, any App Development Company prefers technology that has built-in security features.


If an app requires data caching or receiving data from the camera or phone’s sensor, it demands Native app technology. On the contrary, the app that simply shows data that receives from the backend requires cross-platform frameworks.

Final thought:

Here, we’ve covered the most commonly used technologies for Android App Development. Now, it’s cleared that choice of technology depends upon the particular mobile application. If you hire a

Top Mobile App Development Company UAE for your app development, they use open technologies that are supported by a good ecosystem and allow improvements and expansion of the app in the future.

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