These amazing document scanning apps will offer several exciting features to scan, save, and share crucial documents as and when required. 

You simply can’t carry a scanner whenever you go for a job interview or for any official purpose. The best part of mobile apps is that they make things much simpler, convenient, and flexible for us. Document scanning apps have also gained much recognition as people look for more flexible ways to scan their documents and upload them quickly through their iPhones. Whether you are searching for a new job or are already working somewhere, these scanner apps have made it possible for them to reduce the amount of paper work required and make the process much swifter and convenient.

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You will find ample scanner apps available on the Apple Store but not every app can deliver desired results and perform the way you want them to be. We have thoroughly examined some best document scanning apps for iPhone users that will allow you to track bills, scan receipts, and send important documents to your clients to express your pro activeness regarding any project. Here are some top document scanner apps for iPhone that you can consider and we promise you that you won’t regret reading this post after using any of them.

List of top document Scanner Apps for iphone-



The best part of downloading this amazing app is that you can scan both documents and QR codes with this. Using its OCR, you can simply convert all scanned documents into PDFs that can be easily searched whenever and wherever you need them for use. The chatting app development company has incorporated many interesting features in it. It has a convincing user interface that makes the process much swifter with its user-friendliness. The app is available for both iOS and Android users and the pro version of the app is available at $4.99. You can create premium quality scans with each document and can easily edit, sign, and upload them to your cloud for a reliable backup. OCR, scan to word, scan to PDF, scan documents, and Nextcloud integration are some of its most rejoiced features that iPhones users have reported till now.

Scan to Go

This is another one of the most trusted document scanning apps among worldwide iPhone users that will serve all your document scanning needs on-the-go. The app not only allows you to scan different documents and save them in PDF format but you can also extract text from an image with this unique app. The social app development company has incorporated various exciting features into the app using which you can translate the text of any document into your chosen language. Scan your ID proofs and keep them safe in your iPhone so that you can use them in a flexible and easy way for any purpose. The app also allows you to add your digital signature to your documents. The app is much popular among worldwide iPhone users and if you don’t believe our words, simply go to the Apple store and search for it, it will appear on the top of scanner apps’ search result there.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Adobe is also an exceptional document scanner app build by a renowned chatting app development company that has everything that an iPhone user can desire for scanning category apps. In fact, the app is not just restricted to document scanning but you can also use it for creative design requirements and for different analytics or marketing solutions that you may need for preparing authentic and precise reports for any project work. You can easily scan a document and save it as a PDF in your iPhone with absolute convenience to edit, cut or rotate the document as desired. The Adobe Fill functionality allows you to save your digital signatures on the documents.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan

The nest app on our list is Genius Scan that is much famous for its user-friendliness and exciting features to scan and save your documents in any format. The proudly claims that it has scanned more than half-a-billion documents till date. The thing that makes it discrete from scanning apps is that you can scan and save documents through their titles which often becomes much simpler to find them among many saved documents in your folder. Protect your documents with in-built ID and passwords or touch IDs for iPhone users. Make a note that you have to pay a certain amount to access its some of the very advanced features including encryption, synchronization, and some other cloud-based services.


As its name suggests, you can swiftly scan different types of documents using this amazing app and can save them to PDF or JPEG format in your iPhone. Not only documents but you can scan receipts, bills, sketches, whiteboards, business cards, and QR codes. Hence, it’s simply a one-stop platform for any scanning purpose. The app also allows you to change the color of a scanned document to make it easily recognizable and readable. It allows you to fax a document directly from your iPhone and scan, save, and share them through iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and Amazon Drive.

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