UAE has undergone several digital transformations in the recent few years and mobile apps have contributed a lot to this. Audio/Video calling apps proved their worth in the pandemic times when people were locked down inside their homes. These apps contributed a lot to help people stay in touch not only with their distant family and friends but with close neighbors as well. Today, you will find umpteen audio/video calling apps in UAE on the app stores but downloading any app randomly may end in great disappointment as not every app is capable enough to offer you seamless calling experience with some amazing and exciting features to add to your conversation fun. We have explored several audio/video calling apps and evaluated them on various grounds to offer you some best apps that you can use to make unlimited audio/video calls and enjoy being social and considerate for your loved ones.

List of Audio/Video Calling Apps in The UAE 2022-



This is an amazing audio/video calling app that you can simply download from both Google & Apple stores. The app is available in two different packages; one for your cellular network and the other for using it with your home Wi-Fi. You have to pay AED 50 per month for using this app on your smartphone and make unlimited audio and video calls with unmatched video and voice quality. If you want to use this app with your home’s Wi-Fi, the rate gets doubled to AED 100 per month.

The Android app development company in Dubai has developed this app intuitively keeping in mind users’ expectations. It offers encrypted chat and calls with unbreakable security and some amazing features to add fun to your conversations. You can easily share photos, videos, voice messages over 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi connections. The built-in emoji dashboard will further offer you several options to chat in a distinct way with your distant family member and friends.


Zoom Video App

This is the bestaudio/video calling app in Dubai that was banned in UAE for some reasons but recently, in the recent crisis, the app has been made available for the people of UAE to enjoy seamless video calling. Zoom is basically meant for business purpose meetings and callings and you can access some smart and exciting features to get in touch with your distant peers and family members.

The flawless video/audio quality, instant screen sharing, and cross-platform instant messaging makes it a fit choice for those who are looking for unlimited fun via audio/video callings. Zoom is known for its customer satisfaction rate that it offers via several exciting features. As soon as you download the app, you can click on “New Meeting” and invite up to 100 people to join the video call. Send messages, share files, images, links and gifts and enjoy unmatched video quality.

Google Hangouts

Google hangout

This is another one of the top-rated audio/videos calling appsin Dubai that is also used by worldwide users to get in touch with their loved ones. Whether it’s a business meeting, online class, or simply individual calling, Hangouts offers perfect video quality with several options to add and invite people to ad to the fun of your conversation. This free audio/video calling app offers group chat option for up to 150 people and you get some best status messages, photos, videos, maps, emojis, stickers, and Gifs.

You can easily turn any conversation into a free group video call with uo to 10 contacts. You can make a call to any phone number in the world and can also connect your Google voice account for voicemail integration. The app performs perfectly on all different operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows. However, mobile carrier and ISP charges may apply but calls to Hangouts users is absolutely free and other calls might be charged.

Voico App

Voico App

Voico is one of the best audio/video calling apps in UAE, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman Qatar, Canada, and China. This free calling app offers several exciting features and functionalities to make hassle-free calls both national and international. Whether it is connecting with your family, business partners, or even clients, the app is best for mazing calling experience. The messages and calls done through this wonderful app are absolutely secured with end-to-end encryption where you can share messages, images, videos, memes, and latest news.

You can share your screen during any call and show your loved ones whatever is there with you. Chat with multiple friends at once and stay connected with secured group chats. You just need to register yourself with a phone number that reduces the effort to have multiple login names and passwords. The high-quality audio/video calls are available free to take your excitement to a whole new level.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

This is a dedicated video calling platform for business owners and best supports overseas conferences. As this app is run and owned by the biggest tech giant in world, you will get to see some amazing advanced features and functionalities that are added to the app from time-to-time to ensure unforgettable user experience. In the group conference, you can raise your hand if you wish to speak. However, the app is considered best for classroom sessions and business purpose communications. So, if you are looking for a cutting-edge audio/video calling functionalities for your business or kids’ online classes, Microsoft Teams can be the best option for you. It also offers bookings app and real-time noise suppression to ensure smooth and uninterruptible calling experience. Its third anniversary edition will also offer some more exhilarating features to surprise you.


Skype is another robust and intuitive voice over internet protocol VoIP application that is used by worldwide users for audio/video calling purposes. However, this app is banned for personal audio/video calling in UAE but you can always use this amazing app for business purpose callings. The iOS app development company in Dubai has incorporatedsome unique features and functionalities as compared to various other free video calling apps. The video quality is also quite smooth that makes the conversation more comprehensive. The app is available for both Android and iOS users and is absolutely free to use. Making video calls, sharing images, videos, and many more through chats, and unlimited voice calls will surely add to your delightedness. The best part about Skype is that the company focuses a lot on users’ feedbacks and continue to provide required updates to ensure enhanced user experience.


You can make a complete home for your communities and friends with this amazing and absolutely free audio/video calling app. Whether it is gaming, schooling, community or just some handful friends with whom you want to establish contacts, Discord will effectively serve all the purposes. Discord server is organized into topic-based channels where you can share, discuss, and chat in an unlimited way. Its low-latency voice and video calls give you an amazing experience and you will feel like talking with your distant friends in the same room. You can wave hello to your online friends, watch them streaming their games, and can easily share your screen to add much delightedness in your conversations. The app also allows you to turn any image into your own customized emojis and then share them with your friends.

End Note

All these audio/video calling apps will surely offer you seamless features and functionalities that you have ever imagined. People hardly get time to meet their friends and family members following their hectic schedules and these apps will never let you feel the distance and will bring them closer.

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