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There is always a scope of improvement even if you are an expert mobile app developer. Learning and adopting new technologies available in the market is the key to success if you really want to make a long-lasting career in mobile app development. There are four major stages in Android app development process among which, testing has its own importance. This is the stage where an application is thoroughly tested on various grounds like usability, functionality, security and loading to ensure whether it meets the expectations and requirements of the client or not. Testing requires stringent efforts and is a time taking process as you have to be very particular regarding each and every detail of your stakeholder. In this blog, we have mentioned some most advanced and suitable mobile app testing tools which you can use to fix all bugs easily and deliver a foolproof application that can help your clients in getting increased revenues.

List of Top 7 Best Mobile App Testing Tools-


This tool is at the top of the list of app testing tools for various valid reasons. Whether it’s a native, web or hybrid app, or has to be launched on any platform, Appium is the best testing tool that you can have. It works best for apps which are written in Android or iOS SDK. It supports Safari on iOS and all other built-in browser apps on Android. No jailbreaking, no hassles at all, this widely used testing tool will surely let you develop applications which are high on scalability and compatibility. Whether it is iPhone game development or any Android or iOS app, this tool is meant to support features which will reduce your unnecessary burden in testing phase.

List of Mobile App Testing Tool

We aim to offer best of our knowledge so that you can focus much on each phase of mobile app development and deliver an app that is cherished by both; your clients and users as well.


With this application tool, you can easily create and run repeatable and robust UI tests in both native and hybrid mobile apps as it comes with easy support for both Android and iOS. You don’t have to modify your phone or tablet to test apps using this superb testing tool. Just automate your UI tests on your devices, emulators, or on virtual machines. It’s an amazing tool to develop best tablet apps or any other kind also. It enables you to use script-free record and replay actions to create automated test scripts or simply choose from any programming language.

Twenty One 21

This is another magnificent tool that you can use for testing purpose in custom iOS app development. It offers fast and intelligent authoring that is assisted by Artificial Intelligence to create automated functional and UI tests. Moreover, its seamless algorithmic locators system ensures authentic results over different platforms. The self-learning maintenance autonomously updates tests and gives you enough time to focus on development aspects. Its production integration uncovers the data needed to close the feedback loop, analyze actual coverage, and highlight those areas which can lead to revenue generation.


If you are looking for an app testing tool in Dubai, Kbiton is what you need. It’s an amazing mobile device cloud platform that offers access to real devices to run manual and automated tests on all kinds of apps. As it is built on the top of Appium open-source framework, you can easily test across multiple devices without script modifications. There is much more that this wonderful testing tool offers to you like automatically generated activity logs, commands, screenshots, and metadata for swift performance. You also get prepaid minutes of testing time that never usually expires.

Bug Hunter

This testing tool has been widely used by various developers across the world to develop best Android tablet apps. It’s a manual tool designed specifically for UI testing and can easily be used by developers and designers to check the app on certain features before sending it to the quality analyst. It covers all essential features of a modern testing tool with great convenience and enhanced functionality. You can access and share device hardware specifications or add details in screenshot. Apart from this, the mockups, color picker, and record video options will surely make your testing task much flexible and foolproof if you use this tool.


Blazemeter is also one of the most preferred testing tool by various expert developers which they use for functional testing, performance testing, mock services, and for API testing. It offers a multitude of solutions an integration points for quality testing within the lifecycle for any Android game app development. The use cases and other interactive features will save much of valuable time and will allow you to overcome every testing challenge with great ease and flexibility.


This is an open-source testing tool meant for Android devices only and with its UI testing support, you can develop foolproof apps. It is known for offering robust test cases in lesser time allowing you swift case execution. It also supports all familiar programming languages along with offering an extensive library of unit tests.

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