Do you know that there are millions of applications that are currently available on the Google and Apple store? What, if one of them is crashing and you too have that app on your mobile? You will surely get upset and worried as your data is at risk, as every significant application builds issues over some time and practice, particularly, economic applications. With the rise in the mobile app development sector from a couple of years, the applications are getting intricate, and you have to perform mobile testing to upgrade consistency.

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Mobile Applications are used widely and run across a variety of devices with altering dimensions, diverse networks situation, and several operations systems. Thus it is crucial to follow a serious software testing in your iOS App Development cycle to maintain the quality that eventually boosts your business sales.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great mobile testing tools available in the market for test creation, and here in this blog, we’d like to share the best one to make sure your search ends with this section.


If you are looking for a testing tool that you can use for both iOS app development and android development, then you can use Appium. It is one of the widely used open-source tools that is meant to be a cross-platform testing tool.



  • Used for the hybrid and local iOS SDK.
  • Appium can handle Safari on iOS and all other alike browsers on Android.
  • Use standard robotization APIs
  • Easy to setup
  • Supports different programming languages

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Robotium (Android)

It is a tool for free Android UI testing that is something but hard to create competent programmed black-box test cases for Android applications. When you use this mobile testing tool for your app, there is no necessity for extra data about the Android application’s executed classes. One of the most popular mobile app testing tool for android and ios in Dubai.

Robotium tool takes much time to execute the process of testing but at the end, keep the code bug free. The tool does not provide screen captures and recording features.



  • Has a library for unit tests
  • It is an Open-Source library.
  • It is outlined chiefly for Android UI testing.
  • It is an Android test computerization arrangement.
  • Used for hybrid applications
  • Handles numerous Android exercises
  • Synchronize effortlessly


This mobile testing tool is sued widely for iOS And Android Device Cloud. This tool gives you complete manual testing with assistance for multi-touch signals. With this, you can check almost all the activities performed amid a testing session so the problem can be predicted and settled quickly. Clients can pay money for prepaid testing minutes that by no means fall for just $10.



  • Used for running manual and robotized tests on web and hybrid Android/iOS applications.
  • Test the app across gadgets.
  • Automatically creates screenshots to cross-check errors.
  • Centralized testing history
  • Free Trial


It is an app that is used by mobile app testers worldwide. It is an open-source tool that is free to use, and it enables test code to interrelate programmatically with hybrid and native apps. Calabash helps to automate and test your app on more than 1,000+ devices in the cloud.


  • Perform Automated Functional Testing
  • Used for mobile local applications
  • Have two open-source libraries
  • Compatible with Ruby, NET, Java, Flex, and many other programming dialects


Espresso is one of the most well-liked Android app development testing frameworks. This tool is created by Google and incorporated with Android Studio, the tool is well-known to any developer or tester who develops native Android applications. The tool has several features and benefits.


  • It is a platform-specific tool.
  • Only supports Android instrumentation.
  • Supports manual creation of tests
  • Simple to use API
  • The testing can be executed on emulators and as well as real devices.
  • Recording option

How To Choose A Mobile Testing Tool?

In the present stiff competition choosing mobile testing tools is the first step toward the success of the app. It is crucial to choose the right tool; you should start thinking about setting up the testing environments. To make the most of the benefits of fast and competent test tools, you need to cross-check all the benefits, and features of the mobile testing tools.


The testing part of an app is a complex procedure, and its acceptance requires you and your squad to put a lot of time and hard work into it. The accomplishment of any app depends on the automation tests, which chiefly depends on the mobile testing tools you choose. While you are looking for the right tool or framework for Mobile app development, you need to make sure that you are choosing a reliable solution that allows diverse options for test creation. Moreover, if you are looking for quality mobile app testing services, then you can partner with a company that offers you complete app maintenance and support at an affordable rate. Fluper, a leading Android app development company in UK, USA & UAE, has a knowledgeable team of mobile app testers to check the functionality, usability, and uniformity of your application.

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