Mobile apps have proven to be the best resource for accessing any information, product or service at best convenience. Mobile apps are not limited to online shopping and dating, In fact, these have already started intervening in some top remedial measures where in-person accessibility was confined up to a limit.

Addiction is one such aspect of our modern-day lifestyle that has become a cause of concern for most of us. Addictions are of many kinds with one common thing in all, and that is helplessness to tackle it. For millions of people who are facing addiction issues, mobile apps can be used effectively to restrain them from destroying your both mental and physical health. This post is dedicated to those who are thinking of a million-dollar idea to develop an intuitive addiction recovery app. We have discussed some top addiction recovery app ideas that will heal faster and offer immense convenience to fight various addiction issues.

Role of Mobile Apps in Addiction Recovery

One of the greatest advantages that mobile apps offer for any healing purpose is the cost-effectiveness of these apps. Moreover, android and iOS app developers have started implementing some advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and biometrics which have great scope to deeply analyze a user’s behavior and response being addicted and finding out a possible solution accordingly. You can offer umpteen features and functionalities to engage your addicted users and let them focus on some creative aspects through the app rather than being restless and highly impatient to quench their addiction.

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction App

According to the World Drug Report 2019, there are more than 35 million drug addicts across the globe. This is the most common form of addicts found on this planet. Drugs like nicotine, marijuana, LSD, cocaine, and many others have captured a major portion of our worldwide youth population. The more you become addicted, the person starts losing control over his mental and physical abilities.

Health and fitness app development can be a possible solution to this. A mobile app that reminds them of their priorities and aims, and helps them maintain a balance between their mental and physical health will surely set them on the right track if used on a regular basis. You can provide various expert treatments through a mobile app where medical experts can tackle most of the common issues that an addict faces in everyday life.

Work Addiction

Work Addiction

Anything that exceeds its limit is an addiction and work is no exception to this. Various corporate professionals are referred as workaholic as they only have only one priority in their life; and that is their work. There is nothing bad in this but as we mentioned, anything that exceeds its limit is a threat to us. A mobile app that reminds them to take a deep breath and relax for a moment and indulge them in some creative activity can greatly benefit to release pressure from them. You can attach some experts to your app who will offer their valuable guidance to overcome the side effects of work addiction and its long-term effects on mental and physical health.

Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine Addiction

A category that has been recently included in the addiction list. Among one of the most creative addiction recovery app ideas, Caffeine addiction can also have long-term effects on your mental and physical health if you leave them unnoticed. The worst part is that people don’t even realize that they have become addicted to caffeine and it can harm them slowly but steadily. An app that generates awareness against side effects of caffeine and offer innovative features as an alternative for that addiction can help them significantly to overcome their excess caffeine intake and maintain a good balance in their eating and drinking habits.

Tobacco Addiction

Tobacco Addiction

This is one of the most common form of addictions that can be witnessed worldwide. People, irrespective of their age and gender are addicted to smoking and chewing tobacco that cause various lethal diseases like lung and mouth cancer. However, the awareness against such addiction has increased significantly but people need more personalized treatment to restrain them from this addiction. Android app development that is focused towards wellbeing of people and tracks all major changes that are caused due to excessive smoking and tobacco consumption and warns a person of its upcoming side effects will generate more awareness among tobacco-addicted people.

Food Addiction

Food Addiction

Glutton is a word that was coined for a person who is addicted to eating something at regular and very short intervals. Your digestion has a limited capacity to digest food and transfer nutrients to other organs. Polyphagia is the medical term for this which leads to various deadly cardio-vascular diseases, type2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and even mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Developing an app that counts calories and keep you informed will offer better insights towards any serious outcomes. Dieticians and food experts can offer various intuitive remedies and diet charts to be followed strictly to refrain from over-eating.

Developing an app for any of the above-mentioned addictions will surely help you gain instant recognition and generate hefty revenue besides serving the mankind. Make sure that you prepare a detailed project requirement list in proper consultation with respective field’s experts.

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