As we know the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak is the talk of the town. Every news channel and every social media group is just discussing the present pandemic situation. The global lockdown period has changed the lives of people in many ways. We cannot deny the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the working patterns across industries, and this is certainly the start of obvious and permanent changes to arrive.


Even though the full safety program conducted by governments and communities still, various private and public healthcare systems are fighting continuously against this strong enemy. The wave of COVID-19 is forcing the human race to look for some unique Contactless Healthcare Solutions that will surely change the healthcare industry work process. As the coronavirus impact is continuously growing day by day it is the right time to implement some developmental changes in our healthcare industry.


In this write-up, we will discuss some useful and most competent contactless healthcare solutions that could help to stop future pandemic outbreaks. We will also discuss the technologies that are making these contactless solutions even more powerful. Let’s get started!

Screening Devices for a remote check-up

These devices are somehow more superior in medical screening; this innovation will certainly help the doctors monitor patients remotely. Through this device, the doctors can check specific organs of the patient, and as well as these are also best for a full body checkup. These devices are integrated with IoT technology and thus make the remote screening process hassle-free. These contactless healthcare solutions also save the time of patients and doctors and it will be easier for healthcare specialists to check maximum people in a given time.


Specialized Healthcare ATMs 

The specialized healthcare ATM solutions are just like automated transaction machines but they offer various benefits. These machines have great potential to reach people living in remote areas. These medical ATMs will noticeably perk up the convenience of medical care in the middle of rural populations. This machine is just like banking ATMs as they help in dispense of medicine, amid other things. These practices also help in maintaining social distancing in semi-urban and rural areas.

Contactless body checkup Scanners

Might be you feel that contactless body checkup scanners are just like the screening devices that we mentioned above, but these scanners are much more advanced and address a more intricate variety of therapeutic issues. To scan the body, the patient has to stand or sit within a pod-like structure and the scanner automatically scans the 3-D imaging of the inner organs. With the outbreak of Covid-19, the temperature scanning devices are already being more and more used by hospitals and organizations globally. For illustration, as we know the digital thermometers demand is increasing after the COVID-19 outbreak.


Technology-based Drug Development

The change in healthcare is not only limited to the practices but also to create and arrange a useful and secure medicine to treat and a vaccine to stop COVID-19 and upcoming viruses. To create the medicine the healthcare sector will use AI technology to make the process faster. In the future, Artificial intelligence will be a perfect co-worker in drug development because it can speed up and balance human activities.

Drone services

In the upcoming time, you will also use drone services to receive medicines and food to avoid human interaction. During the Covid-19 pandemic outbreakPoland has already started delivering medical test samples and medicines to people using the drone facility. This step has certainly reduced the outbreak of infection in the country. Sooner or later this trend will be adopted by medical supplies to reduce human participation in the process. This is certainly one of the major changes that are crucial to bringing into civilization. This facility will also fulfill all the requirements for essential goods like groceries for contaminated areas than other ways. The use of the drone is beneficial but it is important to use it in the right manner.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Disinfection Devices

The UVGI devices could prove quite cooperative in disinfecting all kinds of seats and surfaces in a very span of time. This way we can reduce the risk linked with the high-risk areas. These Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation devices are just like the robotic vacuum cleaner but help in disinfecting the surfaces. These devices also reduce human work as they are programmed to disinfect a particular area. These devices are also helpful for cleaning the high-risk region like patient beds, public surfaces. There is no involvement of humans thus reduces the chance of human-to-human infection.

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Mobile applications

Post-Coronavirus pandemic situation it is good to use healthcare mobile applications. With these applications, people can share their issues with doctors and efficiently get exact solutions. From the past few years, the mobile app development sector is continuously developing mobile apps integrated with various advanced technologies that help in clinical communication between doctors and patients as well as perk up the management of hospital work procedures.

Healthcare Isolation Kits

As the number of infected persons is increasing day by day, so it is quite tough to make isolation in a short time. To overcome such situations, temporary isolation kits can be used to stand the situation. For such times, temporary camp isolation kits can be made that help in isolating infected patients. Social distancing and Isolation are the two main aspects linked with this outbreak. Thus healthcare sectors using Healthcare Isolation Kits can fulfill the needs of patients’ in the pandemic crisis.

Video calling and Digital Prescription 

Last but not the least, as these medical practices are already well-popular among the people. People prefer to choose virtual consultation and post coronavirus pandemic situations the demands for such services will only grow up over time. With more advanced solutions the healthcare will become more resourceful. Using the latest technologies the doctors and healthcare experts provide patients with digital prescriptions to deliver effective services.

Lighting Systems

Various lighting systems can also be used as disinfecting equipment as they can prove helpful in disinfecting huge areas. Thus lighting disinfecting systems would not only save the human race from infection but also save money.


Undoubtedly COVID-19 has changed the healthcare systems and its practices might, but it’s also helping us grow stronger day by day and allowing us to develop modern and novel solutions out of need. The current situation certainly changes the world for the better. As the healthcare experts are continuously warning people about similar virus future outbreaks, so it is time to start practicing new habits of living and adopting the change for good. The development of these above listed contactless healthcare solutions will boost the practices used by the doctors and experts. These solutions help people to successfully prepare for the upcoming pandemic outbreaks. Moreover, If you are looking for an iOS App Development Company that offers you healthcare solutions then connect with Fluper. We being a leading company deliver a varied variety of healthcare-related solutions integrated with IoT, AI, and AR technology that suits your business requirements.


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