When it comes to iOS 13, you will find various articles and blogs related to discussing its features but, it is time to pay attention to changes that this operating system update will bring. The mobile app developers need to start working on their apps to make them compatible with iOS 13 Apple’s mobile operating system. Various features are going to change in the iOS 13 that includes Siri features, navigation, Dark mode, blocking spam calls feature, and much more. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss various ways through which you can make your iOS development easier and make apps ready for iOS13:

Features that influence your app working in iOS 13

New location settings

The new location feature in iOS 13 will change the way people used to use their applications. Now it is possible to limit your location tracking while using the app. Apart from standard options now, you can use the option “Ask next time” that gives the app permission to track your location but only once. In case you give permission, to the app for using geo-location data always, then the system will show all the details. If you are using this feature, then you should hire an iOS app developer to further update your business app accordingly.

Dark mode

It is one of the much-awaited features for which users were waiting for a very long time. The feature is released on iOS 13. With this feature, the design of the operating system design changes from light to dark. The dark mode comes by default after sunset and goes away with the night. For now, this app is available in Photos, Messages, Notes, Calendar, settings, and even mail, options of the Apple apps.

Login via Apple Id

Before iOS 13, the Apple users via using applications sign-on to some apps through Gmail, Facebook, account. Through this, these apps also get access to some data that users may not want to reveal with others. Thus to protect users’ data this time, the users can use Apple id for sign up that protects email addresses, contact details, and more details.


Adding more security in its every update to boost user experience is the key part of Apple. The main reason people love to use Apple operating system is that protects them from threats and ultimately gives them a safe and secure environment. With this update, as soon as the Apple user gets an alert on the map that the application has been tracked, the user can block this action without any minute though.

The new UI update

The changes in the UI that iOS bring every time in its OS. This change will affect its application design and usability, even though the coding part might work. The applications may look a little unpleasant as a navigation bar of a diverse size disturbs the working. In a similar means, icons also can be obsolete for the new iOS 13. So, it is time to hire an iPhone app developer from a reputed company and change your app accordingly.

Tips to make your app compatible with iOS 13 

The businesses having iOS applications can connect with a reliable iOS application development company and share their requirements to make the app user friendly and compatible with all the latest Apple OS updates. Follow the below-listed tips to make your app compatible with iOS 13:

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Run the app in the established iOS 13 environment

The mobile app developers know which features go well with the latest updates and which will not work at this stage. The expert team can run the application to the test environment and check which features work well with iOS 13 and methodically check every application display to discover bugs and variations.

Now, you will get the complete details about the features and bugs, it is time to implement changes.

Adding fresh features 

After checking, the team starts working on the fresh features, that work smoothly with iOS 13 features. The team integrates new sign-in features, new UI, photo editing options, and much more. To add all the changes in the application, the developers have to provide UX confirmation for the latest UI changes.

Testing of features

To check the working of new features, the QA engineers will conduct a test to support the new UI changes. After that, they distribute the results with both the development and design, if any changes are needed.

After successful testing, the application is uploaded on the App store Market where its users can download and update it.


In simple words, we can say that the new updates make our devices more secure and add more features to it, but at the same time, you have to make sure that the applications you have downloaded also work properly after the download. Apple is continuously helping its developers by establishing a secure environment. It is important to follow a strategy that helps users to use apps in all the software updates efficiently. To boost user experience, you have enough time to empower your app with fresh features and make your app attuned with the platform. Moreover, if you need any help, you can connect with Fluper an iOS application development company Our team of experts has skills and knowledge to handle all types of projects efficiently. Connect with us today and make your iOS app compatible with iOS 13.

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