You can’t guess whether your mobile app development is going to go viral, can you? You may, in reality. Or you can at least create an app that has the potential to go viral.

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It’s not a one-time thing to create a good app. Hard work and dedication are needed. It is also tougher to make an app go viral. A careful strategy is required. In your path towards virality, we will suggest the following steps.

  1. Well-Defined User Goal

If you interact with the right group of people, the right time and the right place mean little. Trying to satisfy everybody does not make sense. So spend your time on people who might be using and enjoying your app to go viral. Know and handle the audience to persuade them.

Even before the design process, you need to decide the profile (personal brand) that your app will use so that you can design this community in a friendly way. Age, location, gender, level of income, educational level, occupation, etc. are the most widely used demographics to identify target users. The well-defined target user profile shows you how to find out through media can be used to reach them and how to encourage them to use your app.

  1. Build An Effortless Design

The very first thing to do is deliver an effortless android app development for users-to-be. Many smartphone applications and countless content in these applications are busy with users. “The app needs to say,” I’m never going to be cumbersome or tiring.

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The remarkably basic architecture of the app draws people’s attention with minimal distraction. The secret to this simplicity is to only give users anything of value rather than intrusive advertising or redundant content.

  1. Positive Reviews

For your app, the feedback will create a trustworthy and straightforward profile. Job on this one! By asking at the right time in the right place, you can inspire your users to leave positive feedback. Wait until your app spends more time with the users. Let them first love you. It’s out of fashion to ask for a five star, be more human, and create a real link.

You will not keep the cycle of viral ads alive without a good word of mouth. To seek feedback, do not hesitate to contact your satisfied users; just stop being pushy.

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  1. App Store Optimizing (ASO)

App stores have an ecosystem of their own. So, to adapt to this environment, you need to customize your app. Optimization of the App Store (ASO) helps ensure that the app in the App Store has high visibility. If users cannot easily find your app, they can give up trying it before downloading it.

In different app stores, there are more than 2 million smartphone apps and it is not easy to stand out among them. ASO’s main variables are the title and keywords. Do not forget to put it in your title until you figure out your main keyword. You can change your keywords periodically to boost your ranking, but we don’t advise you to change your title unless it is essential.

  1. Social Media Performance

People spend a long time using phones, tablets, etc. on social media: a mobile device enables 60 percent of the social media time spent. The most popular social media sites that people use are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.

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How are you going to take advantage of this information?

Start with the launch of your iOS app development and professionally share your content on these platforms. By incorporating social feeds into the software, viral software involves overcoming them. This incorporation allows people and is one of the most successful and organic ways to reach more people, to share your word on the platforms.

  1. Reward The Reward

People enjoy gifts, and so do consumers of apps. Reward your users for promoting such actions, such as allowing their friends to use your app. You can offer both your existing and new users free themes, free updates, and discounts. Since this is a very common tactic, to avoid being irritating, you will need to be imaginative.

A promotion for a limited period induces a sense of urgency and calls individuals into action. In a short time, instead of postponing it and forgetting your bid forever, the newcomer tests your deal.


Efforts to go viral begin from the start and last forever. Implementing these six variables in your app would undoubtedly improve your probability of reaching millions of individuals. Focus on marketing and PR campaigns once you’ve built and published a simple and attractive template. The basic elements of this process are social media and constructive feedback.

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