Kantar’s global ad equity rankings has revealed that TikTok remains at the top of the global ad equity rankings. Ad equity refers to the attitudes that consumers have towards the advertising experience within specific platforms and ad formats. According to Kantar’s ‘Media Reaction 2021’ report, despite the prominence of digital platforms in daily life, consumers continue to be more positive about offline ad platforms such as cinema, sponsored events, magazine ads and point of sale (POS).

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Although only ranked as the number one overall platform in one market – Taiwan – TikTok is the leading global digital platform in the important US market, and is first or second ranked of the global digital platforms in nine of the 22 markets where it was measured. The inclusion of commerce platforms in this year’s ranking illustrates their increasing importance across the digital advertising landscape.Amazon ranks second globally among consumers, topping the list in four markets. Together with regional e-commerce giant Mercado Libre, which leads in Argentina, Amazon’s success showcases why e-commerce has entered the online media channel ad equity rankings in third place.

Advertising across omnichannel retail finds success with consumers

In addition, the research also showed that the popularity of podcast adverts has risen. Positioned at 11th place in the overall ad equity ranking, they have overtaken influencer content as the preferred digital ad medium. Podcast ads are perceived as both better quality and more relevant compared to 2020, but also more repetitive, unsurprising given the increase in ad spend on the platform.

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