TikTok is the ByteDance owned short video making app which gain huge popularity among users.  It becomes the widely used entertainment tool among all groups of people. But now it founds itself in trouble after YouTube vs TikTok controversy in India with rating goes down in both Google play store and app store. There is also a huge demand for a ban on the TikTok for promoting sexual and violent content.

For the past couple of days, users in India have given the app a 1-star ranking in the Google Play Store, due to which it fallen down to 1.2 from 4.5 on the site. The ratings are accompanied by critiques of so-called unequal content sponsored by TikTok. On Twitter there was a regular demand for #BanTikTok and #IndiansAgainstTikTok and these hashtags are in trending. The ranking of TikTok in app stores may go even lower in the coming days as hashtags such as #IndiansAgainstTikTok are trending at the moment. The Apple App Store, which was first unchallenged by 1-star ratings as the number of iPhone users in the country is slightly smaller than Android, has finally had a certain effect. The average iOS ranking dropped to 3.5 stars.


The trouble started with an IGTV video by popular TikTok creator Amir Siddiqui accusing YouTubers for copying TikTok content, having more brand value than YouTubers, and also for having better engagement on social media platforms. In response of this IGTV video, Ajay Nagar also known as Carry Minati, the popular YouTube creator uploaded his video. This video was going to break most of the records before it was deleted by YouTube due to cyber bullying.  This gave rise to the intense YouTube vs TikTok debate.

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As this controversy was ongoing, another TikTok video by Faizal Siddiqui was seen as mocking acid attacks. He has more than 13.4 lakh followers. Politician of the BJP, Tajinder Bagga, who posted this clip on Twitter, tagged the President of the National Commission for Women, Rekha Sharma. Realizing the complainant, Sharma wrote to TikTok to take down the video as soon as possible.

tiktok vs youtube

As #BanTikTok started trending after the downgrading of CarryMinati’s video, it picked up pace again because of the video controversy regarding acid attack. Since then, a number of other TikTok videos have been put to the light, apparently homophobic, sexual content, racial, casteist, animal violence, rape, etc. raising questions about the content of TikTok.

This is not the first time TikTok facing the heat in relation to a ban. It was launched in 2017 in India and now it has more than 300 million active users in India. It becomes the favorite choice of users to easily gain popularity.

TikTok faced a ban on the dissemination of children’s pornography in India last year and gain it comes into controversy, but this time it seems to be huge and most probably TikTok will going to face huge trouble and also its creators who are promoting inappropriate content.

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