5.4 Million is the total number of coronavirus positive cases that the world has witnessed till now. This virus has made us realize how small are we compare to nature itself. For our own safety, governments all across the globe have initiated worldwide lockdown which means you are not supposed to go outside unless it is necessary.


Like that wasn’t enough, the majority of nations have witnessed a major economic crisis which they never imagined in the first place. Since we are trapped in our own homes, we got literally nothing to do except “work from home”.

Amidst this global lockdown, the demand for goods and services has also increased and is said to be skyrocketing the need for mobile applications.

To which, we have started inclining towards mobile application development for our own welfare. You see, with on-demand applications we can access any kind of service and have them delivered at our doorstep.

Those who don’t know what exactly is an on-demand application, don’t worry because we are here to help you out.

What is the on-demand app?

In an app development company, on-demand apps are referred to as some sort of mobility solutions that let users access any kind of services across the world at the doorstep or any physical location. Following are some of the examples of on-demand services:

  • Food delivery
  • On-demand laundry
  • Rental services
  • On-demand beauty services
  • On-demand ATM services
  • On-demand grocery services

With such examples, we have made things quite obvious that with an on-demand application you can access any of the services in just a few taps. These applications comprise a list of features that we took the liberty to enlist down below.

  • Tracking
  • Creation of a wish list
  • Payment services
  • Multiple bookings
  • The ability to give reviews

These features have definitely played a great role in the outbreak of on-demand applications amidst this coronavirus lockdown.

How on-demand applications are appreciated?

To be honest it is quite simple. Nowadays every single one of us is looking for services which don’t require us to step outside. So, you tell me, what could be better than relying on an on-demand application?

Social distancing

Governments all across the globe are promoting the concept of social distancing because that is one of the only precautions we can take. Because of social distancing, people are not coming out of their houses which has given rise to the services which day can acquire by using on-demand apps.

Apparently, it is not a bad idea at all, since we are not moving out and on top of that we have access to what we need. It would be right to say that on-demand applications are making things a lot more convenient because the situation we are in right now, is completely out of our league.

Contactless payment and delivery

Almost every single on-demand application of their has various payment options available. Through these options, we can pay for our products and services virtually which means there is no physical exchange of money whatsoever and the best part is we don’t have to rush to ATMs to take money out of your account.

Hassle-free services

One of the major reasons why on-demand applications are becoming so popular is the swift delivery they offer. Not only these apps provide exactly what we need but they also manage to deliver them in less time. On-demand applications are serving what we need and what seems important to us. These apps understand that nothing should be compromised at any cost related to our services which have helped these applications to build a reliable customer base which is expected only to grow.

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What steps are being taken by on-demand service providers?

It is crucial for these providers to make sure that no one gets infected by this virus. It has been noted that not only they are following the government guidelines, but they are also adding some of their own. So without any further ado, let’s address them one by one.

Contactless delivery

This protocol makes sure that no contact should be made with the product no matter what between the delivery personal and the customer.

A handful of delivery modes

It has been found that some on-demand service providers are introducing a drone delivery system in various places to provide their customers with a sigh of relief.

They are understanding the customer behavior

In these tough times, on-demand service providers are doing their best to meet their customers’ needs while understanding their behavior through artificial intelligence to provide them with the best possible services.

They have started collaborating with local businesses

On-demand applications and local businesses are helping each other to make a bridge between the gap of supply and demand to help out the customers. Other than that, local businesses are also using these applications to restock their products without any hassle whatsoever.

With all the facts stated above, we have made it quite obvious that on-demand applications are the ones which we need nowadays. With such applications, we can ask for literally anything and have it delivered to our doorstep with ease. So, if you haven’t already been using an Android application, then this might be the right time to use one because there are great chances that what you need might be available on one of these applications.


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