The GITEX 2021 event witnessed a series of robots exhibited by German firm Neura Robotics. The series of robots are said to have exceptional cognitive abilities that makes them think just like humans.Hire Android App Development Company in Dubai! Contact Us

Not only this, these robots can perceive and process information 200 times faster than humans and can also see, hear, and feel same like humans do. The company is also expected to launch a series of robots for domestic purposes where they will assist in daily household works and will also prove to a companion to play and talk with.

The robot will process information 200 times faster than humans

David Reger, CEO of Neura Robotics said that their motto is to serve humanity with best available technologies around us. The 360-degree sensors which are placed in these robots will allow them to difference between humans and objects and these will never harm humans in any sense. Usually, the robots can’t figure out whether they are interacting with humans or objects, these are the first of its kinds which will be able to do this.

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Reger also added that the assistant robots will be made available from February 2022 where people will get AI-backed home assistant robots with exceptional cognitive abilities. These robots will prove to be perfect companion for kids and their AI-enabled mind will clearly understand commands and make predict things based on the responses. These home assistant robots will be agile and affordable and will not weight more than 16 kgs.

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