People do not hire taxis; they Uber. So Uber is no longer just a company; it becomes a verb for hailing a taxi. Uber is now the lifeline of large metro cities where private taxis are the most convenient mode of transportation. Uber expands their business from an on-demand taxi booking app to providing all on-demand services. Uber is the most popular Ride-hailing service in today’s world. Now, uber is the most successful on-demand industry in the world. The success of Uber motivates many entrepreneurs and business owners in taxi app development. Before developing an app, the first question comes to the logical brain, how much it will cost to develop an app like Uber.

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What is Uber and how it works?

Uber technologies,Inc is an American on-demand taxi-booking application. This company was founded on March 2009 at San Francisco of California. Now, it has expanded its services over 72 countries and 10,500 cities.

To know about the taxi app development and its cost, you need to know how uber works.

Uber works in a sophisticated and very user-friendly way.

• The Uber app allows users to request a ride (taxi, bike, or automobile) immediately or via a scheduled application. Such inquiries are received by nearby drivers.

• The driver has the option to decline or accept the transport. If the driver declines the ride request, the next available Uber driver may accept it.

• The consumer can follow the whereabouts of an automobile and learn when it will arrive at his or her pick-up location.

• An app like Uber assists in calculating Uber cost estimates, and customers can pay cash or by debit/credit/UPI while on their way to their destination.

• Uber users can also provide feedback and a rating on their Uber rides to enhance aspects of the Uber ride app like as customer service.

The taxi app development market:

The global market of on-demand taxi app was worth USD 199.14 billion in 2021 and is predicted to increase at an 11.7% CAGR from 2022 to 2028. Consumer desire to avoid the high overhead costs of car ownership is a major driver of industry expansion. This lucrative data of market expansion influences many businesses to invest in taxi app development. If you have already a taxi business, you can hire a Taxi App Development Company to launch a revenue-driven application.

Key features of Taxi-booking App like Uber:

Key features of Taxi-booking App like Uber

The average cost to develop an app like Uber depends upon the features and functionalities of the app. A sole app with a combination of different services is the main function of this type of app. So, you need to build three different types of apps and combine those into a single app to develop a rider app like Uber.

The three apps are as follows.

1. Passenger app –This app is designed for the riders to book a ride, connect with the drivers, pay for the service and rate the drivers.

2. Driver app- Through this app, the drivers can accept the booking, check trip details, get paid for their services, and track their payments.

3. Admin panel- It allows you to manage your app, handle passengers and drivers, and check reports and analytics.

Now, we’ll discuss the key features of each app. Seamless running of the features is a very important thing for a user-friendly app. So, be sure that you have hired a mobile app development firm that has experts in taxi app development.

Passenger’s app panel:

Easy Registration

The passengers or the users can register themselves easily with a Phone number,Email Id, or social-media sign-in.

Enter Location: Users can point out their pick-up and drop locations by the GPS tracker of the app and check the variants with different prices based on their travelling distance.

Select Car: Users can select a car from the displaying option based on their requirements and budget and confirm their booking.

Track the Ride: After completing the booking, the users can track their ride in real time if any nearby Uber driver accepts the booking.

In-app Calling and messaging:

The passenger can call the driver from the app without disclosing their number.

Schedule ride:

The passengers can schedule a ride from their location before the trip.

Trip Started:

The ride is started once the users get their assigned car.

Cancel ride:

The users can cancel their booked ride if they no longer require the ride.


When the users reach their destination, they make their payment by multiple payment gateways like credit or debit cards, PayPal, Strike, In-app wallet or by Cash.

Rating and Reviews:

The users can rate their trip and share their experiences.

Key features of the driver app:


The Drivers can sign in to their account when they are going to take a trip and make money.

Trip request to admin:

The divers have to submit their driving licence and other identification documents to the admin and after getting approval from the admin, they can take the ride.

Availability Status:

After turning on their availability status to the online mode they can receive a booking from the riders.

Ride request

The drivers can begin their trip when they get the ride request from the users.

In-app Calling and messaging:

The driver can call and message the rider from the app

Cancel ride:

The drivers can cancel the ride if they think the trip is not good for them.

Payment: After completing the ride, the drivers get their payment from the users by the payment gateway or in cash

Rating: The divers can store the rating that they get from the users. They can also rate the users.

Earnings and statistics

Each driver can access a report section where they track their earnings and payroll for each trip.

The features of the Admin Panel:

The admin panel is designed with the following features.

• Manage Users

• Manage Drivers

• Manage Vehicle

• Monitoring statistics

• Manage Rides

• Manage Sub Admin

• Manage Earnings

• Manage Requests

Advanced features of the taxi app like Uber:

Advanced features of the taxi app like Uber

The Cost To Develop an App Like OLA, Uber increases if you add some advanced features as it enhances the complexity of the taxi app development. But, you make sure, that you hire a reputed taxi app development company for adding these features to your app.

Number Masking

This function allows an easy connection between the driver and the user by masking their original phone number.

Real-Time Analytics:

This feature is very essential for the admin to monitor active drivers’ number and their activities, all the travel data, monthly and weekly invoice making, etc. The drivers can use it in the same way to get a clear idea about their earnings.

Push notifications:

It allows sending a notification about discounts, deals, coupons, digital codes, etc. to loyal riders.

Real-Time Analytics:

This feature is very crucial for the admin to check active drivers’ number and their activities, all the travel data, monthly and weekly billing, etc. The drivers can use it in the similar way to obtain a clear idea about their payments.

Automated Dispatch

Automated dispatch technology helps the drivers to receive all the essential booking-related information and manage those through the app.

Real-Time Tracking

This feature allows both the customers and the drivers to point the exact location. It also helps riders in searching a taxi nearest to them and follows the location of the taxi.

The estimated cost to develop an app like Uber:

The Cost to Develop an App Like Uber is based on these things.

• App platform- android or iOS

• UI/UX design

• Total development time

• The developer’s rate per hour

• The developer’s geographical location

• The features and functionalities of the app

• Testing and maintenance cost

• Third-party integration

Hence, we need to calculate first the total development time to create the app. It is calculated by multiplying the total development hours by the developers’ rate

The development time for –

The passenger app – 1500- 2000 hours

The drivers’ app – 650-800 hours

The admin panel – 300-600 hours

BACK-END infrastructure- 2,500-3,500 hours

UI /UX for one platform- is 300-500 hours

It takes 7 to 8 months to develop an app like Uber. The cost to develop an app like ola or Uber can range anywhere from $67,000 to $150,000 for one or two user apps (for iOS and Android, respectively). You would also need to include the cost of developing an admin panel, which could start at $14,000.

Final Thought:

On-demand Taxi App Development is now a lucrative business for the companies already operating in the taxi service and for the startups or big organizations that want to generate revenue from an idea.

When you get an idea about the cost to develop an app like Uber and the key features of the taxi app, you can plan for a mobile application for your business. You just need to find any reputed taxi app development company that can help you to launch an attractive and profit-generating taxi app at the best price.

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