Delivery Hero is a Berlin-based multinational on-demand Delivery app. They extend their service internationally to more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. They started their service with food delivery at customers’ doorstep from the local restaurants. But, now, they expand their reach to a wide variety of delivery services like clothes, beauty products, and home improvement items by accessing local shops in their respective area.The trends of such On-demand Delivery App Development are increasing day by day as people want everything in their comfort zone.

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The mobile app is the way to order food and any household items at any time anywhere in the city. Hence, many entrepreneurs and experienced organizations are also focused on On-demand delivery app development as it generates huge revenue in future. But, the thought first comes to mind before investing in such apps is what will be the cost to develop an app Like Delivery Hero.

The Market Share of an app like Delivery Hero:

The Market Share of an app like Delivery Hero

If you’re looking for the market size of these types of apps, you’ll see the impact has amplified after the Covid-19 pandemic condition. Now, people want everything at their doorstep. Hence, the recent data says, the global market share of Food delivery Apps will increase by $62,836.97 million in 2030 from 6,752.32 million in 2020 if it is growing on a CAGR of 25% from 2021 to 2030. This picture tells that investment in delivery app development will be a wise decision.

How Delivery Hero does works?

To estimate the On-demand delivery app development cost, you need to know how it works. Delivery Hero mobile app works on three Panels and those are as follows.

User Panel:

• Users can explore various kinds of foods prepared at their nearby restaurants and household items in the local stores. They can choose their desired item from their preferred restaurants or shop.

• They can also search for any specific dish or other items at their nearby restaurants and stores by using the advanced search option.

• Users can complete their order placement process by the checkout option. Then they need to provide their delivery address and select the payment option like COD or Any online payment options.

• After the order placement they can track the shipment.

Merchant panel:

• The merchants can exhibit the products at their online stores.
• They manage their customers’ demands and serve them as per their requirements.

• They can only prepare the food and other items when they get payment confirmation from the customers.

Delivery Partner panel:

• They get the notification for pick up from their nearby stores and restaurants when their product is ready to pick up.

• They have a facility to share their live locations with the app that allows the users to track their orders.

Must-have Features of On-demand delivery apps like Delivery Hero:

Must-have Features of On-demand delivery apps like Delivery Hero

On-demand delivery app development Cost is based on the features and functionalities of the application. Before creating this type of app, make sure that you have chosen the right Mobile App Development Company.

Any on-demand food delivery app like Delivery Hero consists of four different interfaces- User, Merchant, Delivery partner and admin panel. The basic features used on those four interfaces are as follows.

Installment Graph

This feature allows the delivery staff to check out their paycheck on time, like daily/weekly or monthly. It is a simple graph that makes it easy for the personnel to track their pay and understand the profits made.

Updates on the expected arrival time

The function enables users to receive real-time information on delivery times. They can track the delivery person and determine the precise delivery time.

Demand for cancellation

The users can rescind their requests using this service if they have valid justifications.

Call obscuring

Customers who use the app can communicate with the delivery team without providing their phone numbers.

Online Order Monitoring

This option allows users to use the GPS capability to follow their food delivery orders.

Survey System

The survey enables the admin to gather feedback from customers on the service provided. The app owner can use the feedback to identify areas for improvement to provide better customer service.

Takeaway scheduling

The Users can schedule their takeaway by using this app. It makes it easier for customers to pick up their orders when they visit the café rather than having to wait for them to be prepared.


The app feature enables business owners to continuously message their clients about new offers, and discounts to encourage them to pre-order food delivery services.

Discount Codes

This feature makes it easier to give discount codes to users who make additional purchases through the app. All you’re doing is making your clients feel appreciated and valued.

Moment Chat Assistance

Certainly, assist your users in contacting your app for any problems related to their service. It helps you to increase user confidence in your app. You can use it to create an effective app like Hero. This function makes it easier to give discount codes to users who make more purchases through your app. It is simply helping your clients express gratitude and feel appreciated.

The revenue model of a delivery app like Delivery Hero:

After creating your business model, you must focus on the process and constantly look for marketing to increase your company’s revenue. Online delivery companies often have a base fee plus a delivery fee as part of their revenue model.

The revenue model includes:

• Admin will receive a specific commission for each purchase or sale.

• Merchants or partners may be required to pay a minimal registration fee to the administrator.

• Displaying a third-party app’s advertising campaign

• If the administrator offers a marketplace, subscription options must be introduced.

• There is an area for affiliate marketing where people can advertise your company on various platforms.

When your company works on this revenue model, you’ll see Delivery App Development Cost is nothing to the profit you’re earning through your app.

Delivery Hero like On-demand delivery app development cost:

If you want to estimate the delivery app development Cost, you need to consider some basic factors, like the developers’ charge and their location, app platforms, time for the development of integrated features and the complexity of the app.

If you go to a genuine Mobile App Development Company in Dubai for creating an on-demand delivery cross-platform app, it’ll take AED 50k to AED 70k including app Launch and app testing in the potential market.


If you intend to invest in Delivery Hero-like delivery app development, you should do some research to see how the Delivery Hero app functions. We’ve covered key details about the app’s functionality and the estimated successful delivery app development Cost. Therefore, be sure to take into account the information provided and get in touch with a professional on-demand Delivery App Development Company that can help you in a scalable delivery app development.

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