The American electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla announced on Tuesday that they are all set to sell up to $5 billion of stock shares. The company is not going to sell the shares in just one go but share them from time to time. With this step, Tesla is looking to take advantage of an extraordinary run-up in its share cost. As per reports, the company will start the process through an offering program. The banks including, BofA Securities, Goldman Sachs, Capital Inc., Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup Global Markets Inc., will sell the shares as per Tesla’s direction.

The share prices were low in the morning time on Tuesday; 4.25% in morning trading, and then the prices recovered. Tesla’s share price is at present down 0.34% to its users to split the cost of $469.40. For now, the electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla didn’t lay out a comprehensive plan for this budding introduction of capital. As an alternative, the company said that with this step, the company is further planning to strengthen its balance sheet.

At present, the company is in the middle of several construction projects and thus has an abundance of new areas to spend these fresh funds. The company has factories in several locations and has already taken steps to strap up the control of its skyrocketing share price. The board of the company last month permitted splitting its shares 5 for 1, and it came after a quick public meeting in the worth of Tesla equity in fresh quarters.

The company has taken this step to fund some big-ticket capital spending this year. As per reports the Tesla is building a factory in Germany and has plans for an added plant exterior of Austin, Texas. The electric vehicle manufacturing company is also gearing up for its “Cybertruck” pickup company.

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The CEO of the company Elon Musk said that they are “raising enough capital to get the balance sheet and capital structure to further firm up its growing cash position, and slowly get out of its debt situation,” he wrote. The additional funds “throws the lingering bear thesis for Tesla out the window for now,” he added further.

For now, on Friday the Tesla’s share price was $2,213.40, and this price was before the announcement. The stock split 5-for-1 stock went into outcome on Monday. As per the market reports, the opening price after the split was $444.61. The drop in the price didn’t damp the drive as vendor investors took the prospect to break up shares. A couple of months back on June 30, Tesla had $8.6 billion in cash and approximately $8.5 billion in balance due exclusive of vehicle and solar panel financing. The American electric car and solar panel giant said in a filing that with this step the company is planning to sell up to 10.03 million shares and use the profits for unnamed general business purposes.

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