The headquarter of the Dubai Telegram messaging app is enrolling for various positions as the organization is developing at a lightning speed over the previous months. The popularity of Telegram is increasing dramatically among the youngsters in January when WhatsApp sending alerts about either accepting their new schemes or accounts will be unfastened from 8th February onward. It is turning to be a top candidate to become the upcoming preposterous in Dubai.

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In January 2021, with more than 63 million users one of the most installed non-gaming software is Telegram all over the globe. They are now seeking candidates for different posts like an accountant, engineers, legal counsel, animators, software developers, and assistant for CEO. 

Telegram Messaging App is Enrolling for Diverse Roles in Dubai

The list of jobs are following here-

  • Junior Accountant:A junior accountant needs to maintain account records and work on documentation of economic transitions.  Besides, they also have to prepare the balance sheet report, statement of profit and loss, analytics, finance statement, along cash flow management. People who have good fluency in the English language and high GMAT scores will get an advantage.
  • Javascript Developer: Here the person’s prime responsibility is to provide support in Telegram Web development. Candidates will be preferred who have JS-coding efficiency and years of experience in web development. However, the freshers will also get a notification from the organization when they need more employees.
  • Motion Graphic Animator: The UI configuration and designing animated characters are the key duties of an animator in the Telegram. The candidates will get an advantage if they have qualifications in motion design, character designing, and vector designing skills.

The above-listed categories are highly recommended jobs for candidates who are willing to work with the Telegram in Dubai. Apart from that, there is an immense opportunity for the posts of junior legal counsel, instant view engineer, datacenter engineer, CEO assistant, and many more.IOS App Development in Dubai

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