Tawasal Superapp now gets launched in UAE for offering zero cost voice and video calls apart from text, bots and lifestyle features for users residing in the Asian and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions.

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Business owners residing in the MENA region can use Tawasal Superapp Messenger and enjoy an uninterrupted video conferencing service with a maximum of 25 participants.
Retail customers can use this secure multi-purpose and digital lifestyle mobile application for effectively initiating an interaction with infrastructure, government institutions, and authorities.
Tawasal Superapp Messenger will supposedly introduce exciting features for users to enable them in making online payments, restaurant reservations, career services and educational and professional courses.

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Users can even use Tawasal Superapp Messenger for obtaining uninterrupted access to valuable information that includes sports and leisure, live news, etc. This app can even allow users in finding suitable partnerships with like-minded local as well as international business enthusiasts. Users can also expect to generate a decent amount of income using the Tawasal Superapp Messenger as they will be able to offer their knowledge and skills to other users on the platform.

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This multi-purpose application will make it possible for individuals to easily earn a source of livelihood and enhance their lifestyle. Tawasal Superapp aims at integrating everything that is currently offline into a practical format by offering a strategic and regional touch.


Tawasal Superapp Messenger launches its beta version in the UAE with features like free voice and video calls, videoconferencing, text, bots and other lifestyle services to the users in the MENA regions.


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