In the present atmosphere apps ease out most human activities and even retail services are just a click or swipe away. Mobile apps can be the best investment and hold the key to the future.

List of Successful Mobile App Development Factors-

There are several important factors for the success of a mobile development app which has been listed as follows:


When your app gets launched, you need to think about the user pool and understand its characteristics. This will help you in building a success factors app that suits a particular demographic. When the app is user-centric, it gets more active users, more engagement and more audience. User feedback is a great way to gather information about what your users need. Most successful apps use this feedback to improve their apps, making it more likeable to the users. Full-service mobile application development companies make use of users’ point of view and approach to create a compelling app.

Augmented reality in apps

Augmented reality is one of the biggest talks of the town in the digital world. The answer to what are the key successful Mobile app development factors for apps is AR which has seen tremendous success after being used in apps and gaming apps. One of the examples includes Pokémon Go, which was the most successful example of AR being used to enhance the app gaming experience. Now many retail stores are using AR technology to give users the benefit of trying on products virtually before buying them.

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 Cross-platform apps

Cross-platform apps

Apps supporting multiple platforms are always appreciated. Building native apps may be costly for a startup but that’s when cross-platform comes into the picture. Cross-platform not only saves cost but also saves effort that goes into building the same app twice. Cross-platform development frameworks include angular native frameworks, which allow developers to build successful apps that give native feelings while saving high operative costs. For instance, the merging of Instagram and Facebook often helps in reducing the time frame to open the app itself,

A polished feel

An app with poor designs shows the level of effort put into making it. If you ask, what makes an app successful? Then the answer would be a polished feel. A great app will put effort even into the slightest feature. Users are looking for visually appealing apps that solve their problems and if it’s not worth their time then they will leave it immediately. From a technical design perspective, UI and UX designers will need to work together like never before. Roles will become increasingly blurred.  The simplicity of use and customer-centricity will be fundamental to success. Design features hence assume utmost importance.

Strong USP

The Unique Selling Point of a successful app is always strong. What makes the app unique is what makes it successful. Your app should be known for one of its strongest features – the focus for users should be on one core feature that almost becomes synonymous with the app. What makes an app successful is its ability to do one task and do it very well. The best way to focus on one feature is to find the core that drove you to build the app in the first place. That very same reason will be the driving feature of your app. Some examples include UrbanClap – It started providing home services like beauty salon services, repairs, etc. on its app. This was very different from any other business model and a unique feature only available here

Solves a problem

A mobile application is also called a digital solution and it is because it solves a problem. With so many success factors apps in the market, you have to see which problem your app is solving. Even the slightest of change between two apps makes a difference. Success factors examples include, suppose, an app provides parking solutions at malls but does not have a car locator feature. If you add the feature in your app, that would make the app more likeable and usable.

Customer Value

As with all things in business, delivering exceptional value to the customer through the mobile app is paramount. An app should be all about solving a customer’s problem and in a manner that delivers over and above expectation, simply and quickly. Mobile devices have two main benefits – immediacy and geo-targeting.

Security and Privacy

With the attacks on various IoT devices, security is becoming an increasing concern. It’s an app creator’s responsibility to ensure adequate security and privacy measures are in place. It also protects your investment. Communicate that you have security measures in place via marketing channels to add value to the proposition and brand and to reassure clientele. Legal considerations should also be dealt with early on for certain public liability scenarios that need to be considered. Seek legal and insurance advice on how to best protect your app and your company from public liability issues and potential privacy breaches. Secure payment gateways for e-commerce apps such as PhonePe and Gpay are also important factors.

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Mobile apps now and in the future are all about connection and relationships. They provide a unique opportunity for your business to deliver unprecedented levels of service and gather and utilise personal data that will help you understand your customers better than ever before. This means that you will be able to offer targeted offers and generate much stronger loyalty. The connection will also be about more conversational user interfaces and voice interfaces. Dating apps like Hinge incorporating voice prompts is a good example of building even stronger online connections. It should be flexible enough to translate on even desktops and computers with the same ease and flexibility as the mobile app.


As the design develops and VR and AR emerge the opportunities for businesses to serve the customer in new ways are just the beginning. For example, a fashion mobile app that you can then see a virtual image of yourself in the outfit before you purchase will be incredibly helpful.  The opportunities are endless, but to compete in this market you must be creative. Creativity is not just about the look of the app itself, but functionality, the services offered and data collection and utilisation.

Content and Immediate satisfaction

Mobile apps moving forward will be all about valuable content that helps solve a problem for the customer. It will also be about immediate satisfaction. Things like chatbots and messaging will deliver unprecedented levels of customer service as long as the content is rich in value and can solve an issue with immediacy. Simplicity in content delivery is vital. This is how Snapchat stays head and shoulders above similar messaging or social media apps. The concept of Snap resonates with the generation most active on social media.


Having a fabulous app is great, but like all things, it will need to be marketed not just at launch, but on an ongoing basis to ensure initial uptake and regular use. This will mean utilising external marketing channels regularly. It also will require ensuring that the app is updated to stay relevant and that it is communicated to existing users via notifications and various tools within the app itself. Most successful social media apps like Facebook continue to stay relevant by engaging with the public and even getting involved in various drives and missions to give back to society as well as to have a strong public image.

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