Spotify introduces a new feature, Group Session, that allows two or more of its Premium users to share control over the played music in the same room. The group session participants can mostly monitor the “party mode” of their type and can contribute to the group’s interactive playlist in real-time. The company clears that this feature is ideal for quarantined fellows and families — groups who now spend several hours working, playing, eating, dancing, and more in the background with Spotify.

To use this latest feature, the “host” tap the Connect menu in your play screen’s bottom-left corner and then exchange scannable code with your “guests.” The guests must then check the code of the host. Then they can pause, play, skip, and select paths on the queue by using Spotify’s integrated controls and add choices to play next. Any guest modifications are immediately reflected on the computers of all participants.

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Spotify provides community options now, but only in more specific ways, to upload their favorite songs. Collaborative playlists of mates are accessible for everyone to connect, erase, and reorganize routes. Furthermore, Spotify Premium users will listen to a customized Family Mix playlist that blends the songs everyone loves. However, as Group Session does, neither option offers a way for cooperation in real-time.


Since last year, the group session has been checked and the reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong first discovered it in May 2019. Some also confirmed that it happened later in August in their own reports. That means that before today some users might have had the feature. It is only now open to all Premium users worldwide, though.

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During its initial development, Spotify might find the functionality to make the app a viral product, as people would use Spotify to aid with a party playlist, for example by scanning a code on the TV screen. However, the organization is targeting Community Meetings, as the Coronavirus pandemic restricts meeting and people are isolating themselves at home, instead. Spotify wants to inspire more free users to return to their paying, on-demands streaming service by adding a feature like this to his Premium subscription. This is also a good time to push this kind of thing.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, more people are sitting at home and are searching for directions. Streaming is up video in particular. And Spotify said in April’s sales, it has seen double-digit growth in home hobbies, including cookery, jobs, family time, and much more, over the past few weeks. Spotify claims the Group Session is now being checked and built into beta. It can be used by account holders of Free, even those who share the same Spotify Premium Family account. Up to 100 users will be enabled by the app, but they must be in the same physical area.

Today’s update is the first product revision and Spotify anticipates that it will grow over time because it will learn more about customer feedback. It can also extend beyond people in the future who occupy the same room. Today the Group Session has been rolling out, meaning that you do not see it yet. When the roll-out is complete, it will be available to all Premium users around the world.

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