The medical condition of paralysis comes as trauma to an otherwise healthy person. This condition results in temporary or permanent loss of muscle functions in any part of the body at any age.


But as per Ajman University alumnus, there is a ray of hope for such vulnerable patients who suffer mainly from facial paralysis.

The alumnus has developed a Smartphone App that is said to perform intelligent face mapping, data-logging, and progression for patients of facial paralytic conditions. This app will enable patients with temporary facial paralysis to automate their physiotherapy without visiting a hospital. This inspiring initiative was brought to light at the International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2020. A notable number of participants attended the conference from all across the globe.

This app will allow facial paralytic patients to regain their facial mobility through the physiotherapy. It is being told that the 3D printed Smart Prediction System will enable patients with Bell’s palsy condition to perform their physiotherapy at home with the app.

The condition of Bell’s palsy is related to facial nerve weakness. Patients suffering from this condition may experience temporary or permanent paralysis on one side of the face. The medical state of facial paralysis can occur at any age, Ali Mohammed Ridha said. The facial partial paralysis or weakness takes place when the seventh cranial nerve compresses. According to medical researchers, the actual cause of this condition cannot be ascertained. But in most patients, this problem is a result of a viral infection like HIV, Lyme disease, herpes zoster virus, etc. Usually, this medical state can be treated without prescribing high potency drugs to the patients. Some of the prominent symptoms of Bell’s palsy condition are:

  1. facial weakness
  2. sensitivity to noise
  3. irritability
  4. persistent headaches
  5. difficulty eating, smiling and drinking
  6. muscle twitches in the face

Ridha’s physiotherapy prototype will help patients to implement the physiotherapy exercise for facial paralysis.

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The smart app will have compelling features like face mapping and progression functioning features, with which patients will be able to monitor the betterment of their health. Patients with such conditions are strictly advised by the medical experts to perform such exercises under their physiotherapist’s proper supervision. Self-medication can prove to be fatal.

Science and technology have yet again proved its mettle in the healthcare sector. Not that long ago, patients with disabilities had to wait for hours sitting in the hospital queues. Getting treatments for diseases had become a disease itself.

But thanks to the monumental advancement of mobile app technology in the healthcare sector, now tech-savvy patients can perform their physiotherapy at home with doctor’s supreme guidance and supervision.

Exponential growth and advancement in the medical industry can be seen that is brilliantly enhancing the quality of life and improving their way of living. Are you ready to see a ‘new you’ with this app?


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