Mobile applications can largely help you in enhancing your business’s visibility and conquering the market at large. Smartphone apps are even more transformative as compared to the web and this is probably why a lot of business owners have now resorted to the development of dedicated mobile apps for their businesses to attract and cater to the targeted users’ demands and stay relevant in the industry.

If you are interested in the development of a mobile app for your enterprise then do consider opting for android platform over an iOS platform. Around 85 percent of app market is currently dominated by the android platform. This is certainly because of the fact that globally there are more android users in comparison to iOS users. The success of an android app largely depends on the android app development strategies incorporated by an enterprise app development company. Let us take a look at the few of the best mobile app development strategies incorporating the below mentioned points.

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Why Android applications are more preferred than iOS applications?

The reasons behind preferring an android app over iOS app is the fact that the former can be developed at a comparatively lower price. If budget is your concern then developing an android app for your business would be highly advisable. Moreover, android platform have the largest user base and this might help you in increasing your app’s overall visibility. Higher the customer base higher shall be the chances for your mobile app to attract its targeted audience. Worldwide largest user base as well as low cost development and maintenance are the most important reasons as to why android apps are highly preferred over iOS apps.

Significance of Android Application Development Strategy for the App Developing Markets

Android App Marketing

App developing markets will crash in the absence of a proper android app development strategy. Marketing of an android app begins with the release of the mobile app on the Google Play Store. An innovative and creative android mobile app strategy will help you in marketing your upcoming app effectively and increase your brand worth in real time. You must work on having an iterative android app marketing strategy for discovering things that will work best for marketing your android application. An Enterprise app development company and an iPad app development company can only help you in developing a mobile application for your enterprise but the marketing of the same will totally depend on your strategies. You can even hire an app marketing company for promoting your android app and enhancing its marketing function to the fullest.

Significance of Android Application Development Strategy for the App Developing Markets


The future of smartphone advertising is in-app advertising. This form of advertising offers best opportunities for attracting the targeted users on a real-time basis. When the data becomes accessible, in-app marketing will become easier as it can be used for each and every point across the android eco-system and you as a marketer can feasibly target your desired audience. You can find multiple free applications on the android platform and by making a user payment you will easily get an access to its premium features.

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Free Applications are highly preferred over Paid Applications

Most users prefer using free apps over paid apps. Countries like China and India have a majority of users who are willing to use free applications more as compared to paid applications. As in-app marketing is based mostly on location data therefore, it is highly effective in enhancing the context as well as user engagement of the smartphone application.


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