L-Charge, the Russian-based manufacturer of innovative charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, will debut its cutting-edge technologies at Gestech Exhibition and Conference, the world’s largest event supporting the gas, LNG, hydrogen, and energy industry.

The L-Charge will highlight how its unique charging solutions, including the stationary and mobile charging stations operated by hydrogen or gas-fueled electrical generator, offer companies from key sectors, mainly the gas and energy, unique advantages such as environmentally- friendly, more reliable and cost-effective and easy to set up chargers, with the ability to add 100 kilometers for EV within 2–7-minute charging.

L-Charge is known for producing reliable and cost-effective chargers

DmistirLashin, CEO of L-Charge, who joins more than 300 distinguished line-ups of speakers at the conference, said that Dubai and the UAE have taken remarkable strides in adopting the most state-of-the-art technologies, mainly in the transportation sector. Such a strategy underpins a futuristic vision aimed to bring the country on par with the world’s top cities that have moved to advocate renewable and clean source of energy to operate businesses; thereby preserving the natural resources and helping build a better future for generations to come.

L-Charge offers its charging stations in two versions: the stationary and mobile. The stationary station can be in-stalled in any location – by highways and traditional petrol stations, in car parks etc. The mobile version consists of a truck that can travel around the city, charging electrical vehicles upon demand.Best Shopping App Development Company in UAE

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