An area leader in digital experiences’ optimization and design, today declared the natural availability of Rexa, a deep-analytics tool in the UAE. It allows eCommerce companies to optimize the ROI of their virtual platforms. 

Now in January this year, the internet penetration of the UAE positioned at 99%, placing it in-between the world’s most connected countries. The final eCommerce revenue for Dubai alone is assumed to upscale to $27 billion in the upcoming year, forced by the latest pandemic- included purchasing habits. 

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The Revonic eCommerce Experience Assessment (REXA) was developed for trades in competitive e-commerce ecosystems. Different flexible dashboards along with numerous quality features enable the measurement of a real-world effect represented by the virtual transformation programs on the growth metrics like rates of conversion.

The CEO and Founder of Revonic, Adam Cukrowski opined that Revoinc grips an enterprise’s virtual servings further, through data-based insights of actions. Rexa will turn to be a blessing to the UAE trades that are recently struggling to adapt to how their virtual platforms are being collected by customers. 

Flagship Rexa Platform Releases by Business Intelligence’s Regional Leader

Rexa will be placed them in the driving seat of their virtual vehicle and provide them newly-gained confidence to fine-tune performance and improve experiences. Their all-new normal requirements a more detailed view of their virtual existences as they now play determining roles in brand reputation development. Through the right choices of tools allows representing informed decisions, and they will position with their UAE consumers to assure they have the finest possible intelligence from their virtual platforms.    

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