Real estate is now a highly digitized industry in the UAE. To discover a suitable house, home buyers no longer switch agents. People may now easily look at homes and properties from smartphones. This Online property searching trend increases the rivalry in the real estate market of UAE. Building a website, however, is only a very small step in the context of such intense competition. If you want to stay in this competition, you need to focus on tailor-made, fully-functional Real Estate App Development just like Fam Properties. It is a famous real estate app UAE. This Dubai-based app offers real-estate information to home buyers, renters and brokers and helps homeowners to share their property listings for sale and rent. If you want to build Fam Properties like a real estate app, we’ll guide you about the cost of developing an app like it. But, hiring a leading Real Estate App Development Company to craft this app can only help you to stand out from the crowd.

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Fam properties: How does it work?

The real estate app Fam Properties delivers correct property pricing, displays real market data, displays property trends and provides real-time monitoring of the construction process. These reports are all gathered from DLD (Dubai Land Department). Hence, Fam guarantees complete transparency of all real estate app activities for users.

To get estimation about the cost of developing an app like Fam properties and Real Estate App Development like this app, you have to know how it works. It works in two ways.

Selling and Buying:

The Homeowners have to upload a picture of properties from a different angle and provide the necessary information and passport copies to enlist the property in the app for selling or giving rent. Interested buyers or tenants can enquire about the properties by communicating with the owners and fixing the deal if everything goes well. Fam does not charge any commission from the seller or buyer or renter. But, the users have to pay a 2% management charge to the app as the entire process of selling and renting is supervised by Fam properties. This real estate app UAE gives the benefits to its buyers that they can directly buy or rent property from the owners and no brokerage will be charged to them.

Providing Market Information:

The real estate app Fam protects its buyers and sellers from suspicious activity through its Market Insight feature. It delivers reliable information regarding real estate players. Users may learn more about property supply, sales activity, and the population of Dubai via market insights. It also provides a useful mortgage calculator.

Bespoke features for Real Estate App Development:

Bespoke features for Real Estate App Development

If you want to evaluate the cost of a real estate app UAE like Fam Properties, you must assess the must-have features of Real Estate App Development. The features of the app have the high impact on the cost to make app development. To maintain the workflow of this app, any reputed Real Estate App Development Company incorporate the features in two panels and these are as follows.


The user can sign up for the app by their mobile number and Email Id and for selling the owners need to provide Govt. verified documents for authentication.

Search with Filter:

Users can search property by using some advanced search filter to specify their needs. The filters are like budget, localities, room requirements and more.

In-app map view:

If you hire a top-rated Real Estate App Development Company, it will integrate interactive Map APIs that enable the users to locate the property and see its surroundings.

In-app Chat:

To improve the communication between buyers and sellers, reputed app development firms integrate an In-app chat feature for scheduling appointments.

Listing Property:

The owners or sellers can enlist their properties by adding images and essential information about properties so that the buyers can easily find those by the advanced search filter.

Mortgage Calculator:

Users can estimate the loan details, EMI amount, down payment, insurance and more in real-time from the Mortgage Calculator in the app. Engage the services of a leading Real Estate App Development Company to design this feature in your real estate app.

Admin Panel:

You need to hire app development company that has proficiency in Real Estate App Development to create this panel.

• Managing users by adding and blocking them based on their authentication and activities in the app.

• Admin can monitor the listed property and admin has the right of adding, deleting and updating the property to improve the search.

• Admin can monitor and manage revenue that comes from the app.

• By analyzing the statistical data of the business running by the app, Admin can make an important decision about the application.

• Admin is responsible to provide quality customer support to the users if they face any problem.

Advance features for real estate app UAE:

Apart from the must-have features, you can add some advanced features to your real estate app to make it unique. But, make sure that you’ve hired a top-notch Real Estate App Development Company that has the expertise of handling emerging technologies.

3d virtual tour:

By using this function, the sellers may create a listing of homes that is visually appealing, detailed, and creatively laid up so that potential purchasers can take a virtual tour of the property without physically seeing it. But this technology can increase the Cost of Developing an App like Fam Properties.

Augmented Reality (AR):

The most recent technology gives potential home buyers an idea of how to personalize a property with fresh wall paint, stylish furnishings, innovative interior design, and more. As it is a costly technology, it raises your Real Estate App Development cost.

Push Notification:

Notify users about a new property listing, price updates, offer and discount in the App maintenance fee and more by text message. It increases user engagement in the app.

Estimated cost of developing a real estate app:

Estimated cost of developing a real estate app

A Real Estate App Development cost in Dubai depends on some basic factors like features and functionality of the app, the number of App platforms, UI/UX design, app complexity level, developers’ rate based on their skills third-party API integrations and more. Considering those basic factors, a top-rated app development company in uae charges for Fam Properties like real estate app UAE AED 35,000 to AED 50,000 depending upon the complexity level of the app.

Final thought:

This discussion about the features and functionalities of the real estate app based on its workflow and Real Estate App Development cost estimation will help you to plan for a real estate app UAE.

Additionally, to be competitive, you must match the pace with the rapid technological advancements of the real estate app market and concentrate on the most beneficial aspects of the right business strategy and important features. Hence, you need to hire a top-notch Real Estate App Development Company, that can create a high-quality, profit-driven real estate app to expand your business.

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