An increasing number of companies all over the UAE have disclosed that their businesses were running disordered. These organizations are now ended up facing economic losses, as a consequence of the increasing cyberattacks wave. According to a recent report of Mimecast ‘The State of Email Security’, nearly 78% of UAE companies indicated they have been affected enormously by ransomware attacks in 2020. This report also revealed a massive growth of this attack was 66% of businesses in last year to now 78%. 

Rapidly Increasing Ransomware Wave Attacks UAE Businesses

This report also displayed the intensity of those deadly attacks, with nearly 43% of ransomware victims stating that they have paid reclaim demands. However, among them, only 44% have able to recover their important data. Despite paying the demanded ransom amount, almost 56% are still now able to get back their data again. 

Rapidly Increasing Ransomware Wave Attacks UAE Businesses

Although facing a raised volume of threats, this report has found that organizations are not taking any preventive measures against these dangerous threats. A complete 86% of respondents have marked that their businesses had so far experienced a financial loss, growth disruption, or all other issues in 2020 because of cyber preparedness lack. This figure is globally comparing to 79% of business organizations that also faced the same cyber threats. 

Besides, this report also claims that nearly 50% of respondents who belong in the UAE, said that workers are innocent of these cybersecurity issues. These cybersecurity threats are counting as one of their most impacted vulnerable disorders. However, only one out of five respondents marked they are arranging a security awareness training procedure at workplaces.

Rapidly Increasing Ransomware Wave Attacks UAE Businesses

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