RAK Transport Authority (RAKTA) has recently launched Al Bosala app for providing training services to all public transportation drivers in UAE. Launching a smart driver training mobile application was a part of RAKTA’s strategic plan 2020-25. Taxi drivers, school buses conductors, public buses drivers, limousines, and other public transport drivers can take use of this amazing mobile application for receiving desired training and development services.

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Al Bosala mobile app was used by over 800 public transport drivers during its initial phase. Presently, this app can be accessed in only two languages: Urdu and English. As per the reports, Al Bosala app will include languages apart from Urdu and English in the coming time.

The best part about this mobile application development is the fact that it can be used by a large number of drivers and that too at the same time. Drivers can use this app and enrol in specialized courses for learning more about the transportation safety and security system.

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These specialized courses will allow the drivers to become aware of the security norms and the need to abide by the traffic rules for reducing the probability of meeting a fatal accident.

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Courses like customer service, general safety, road safety, required approach towards People of Determination (special needs), and COVID-19 precautionary measures are currently available on the Al Bosala mobile app.

Drivers can even expect special courses that offer training programmes, information about Emirati culture and labour laws in the Emirates along with few other training programmes on this app.

Public transport drivers’ performance will also be evaluated prior to and after the completion of the course.

Al Bosala app even offered incentive systems for encouraging the drivers to download the app and attend specialized courses for remaining relevant and put up in the industry after the lockdown gets lifted and they resume normal work life.

The use of AL Bosala app enabled the drivers to use technology for developing their professional skills and drive safely with utmost responsibility.


Al Bosala App aims to offer training and other related services for all train drivers in Ras Al Khaimah. The use of this app aims to reduce traffic violations, road accidents, and encourage the public transport drivers to drive cautiously.

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