The concept of QR code has recently gained much popularity these days for every transaction or communication that you want to access through your smartphones. QR codes have added to the comfort and flexibility to access any financial transaction downloading several things promptly. A recent innovation of the agile app development process that makes things simplified and the best part is, you don’t even need to be physically present to authenticate any access, your smartphone has the access by simply scanning the code and making things done easily and swiftly. But as it’s said, every new thing comes with its own set of challenges and QR codes remain no exception to this. In this blog, we are going to discuss some crucial aspects of QR code scanning for your business and what challenges it can bring with it that you need to focus on.

What Exactly is a QR Code?

What is QR Code

QR code stands for quick response code which is a scannable 2D-model barcode arousing a particular activity. The code contains all possible information regarding a particular task which can be easily and swiftly accessed by scanning that code through your smartphone. These codes contain varying data and can be easily linked to different websites, apps, digital business cards, and mobile coupons. These codes can rather be scanned to access a message for which you would have sent an e-mail to the company. This contactless method of accessing any product or service by scanning codes have been much beneficial during the recent pandemic times and Android app development companies are making best use of these codes to enhance user experience.

Now let’s focus on some advantages and disadvantages that QR codes can bring to your business so that you can reap fullest benefits by keeping these factors into consideration.

Advantages of QR Code for Your Business

Tracking Consumer Behaviors

QR codes have made it possible for business owners to track their target audience and monitor the response that was generated from a particular area or region. This way, you can easily analyze and evaluate the locations with highest traffic in any particular area. The data clearly shows where and how much interactions have taken place through scanning QR codes so that you can frame further strategies accordingly.

Ease of Disposition

During the pandemic, you must have seen these QR codes at restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and at even local vendors. You can ask your Flutter app development company to provide you with such a functionality that you can present it digitally or even on a piece of paper before users to scan it.

Multiple Use

QR codes can add to your business’s productivity as you can perform multiple operations using this information. Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat have already presented some great models of QR code accessibility. Users can perform multiple activities using these codes and this is the best way you can add to their user experience.

Multiple Use QR Code

Generating Inquisitiveness

You can retain various different offers, deals, and rewards by using this QR code functionality in your business app. When users get to know that there will be something surprising that they can get through scanning these codes, it ultimately develops a curiosity among them to use that particular service again and again.

Effective Way to Market Your Product

QR codes have given wonderful opportunity for marketers to offer rich content via umpteen print promotions. A popular food packaging company, Chef’s Basket added a QR code on its basket and when you scan that code, it redirects the user to recipe making video that any user would love to watch before suing that product. This way, the products, and their usefulness has been promoted in a distinct way using these QR codes.

Swift & Error-free

The other way to connect to your customers online is via a URL and typing a URL is often a time taking process. Scanning a QR code is comparatively much easy and fast way to access any service or product.

Disadvantages of QR Code

Disadvantages of QR Code

People are Still Not Used to It

No matter how flexible and convenient service you offer to users through QR code scanning, the fact is, people still do not prefer scanning such codes before making any monetary transaction or accessing a product. Hence, making QR code scanning compulsory may have its own challenging outcomes.

Time Taking

It’s not as simple as you may read about it. Taking out your smartphone, opening the QR code reader app, and then scanning the code can be time taking. Sometimes, it yields swift results but often it gets frustrating for the user when it doesn’t read the code at once. Above all, if you are slightly careless, someone can even hack it.

Kind of Audience

If you are targeting highly elite and tech-savvy audience, then offering QR codes may work well but as we know, not everyone of us is so keenly interested in using the best advanced technology. There are people who still prefer conventional methods to access any service rather than scanning QR codes.

Not a Trusted Source for Many

As mentioned above, people still prefer some conventional methods to access any service or product rather than scanning QR codes. Poor internet connections and failing to offer quick results have often resulted in non-fulfillment of the purpose. People still prefer some traditional methods to make a payment.

A Stain on Visual Appearance

QR codes and 2D tags in general are very ugly and can mess with a brand’s aesthetics. It can also destroy much of your investment to create a unique brand identity for your product. For companies focusing much on their designing aspect, QR codes could look like a stain.

Before you make your mind, we would like you to research little more on some other methods of engaging your audience apart from using QR code and then evaluate both aspects carefully. The world of digitalization has surely offered many tremendous opportunities to offer swiftness and convenience in the online processes, and QR code is one among them.

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