The real estate sector felt the need to go digital as the entire world went digital and everyone expected everything to be managed with a single click. It was a bygone era when finding a suitable property needed a lot of wandering and hiring a broker. To save their clients time and create a virtual experience, real estate firms started developing Property Listing mobile apps. Today’s leading Property Listing App Development Company designs such interactive property listing apps where users can buy, sell and visit the property with a single click.

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Bayut is such type of listing app which has a huge list of commercial and residential properties in UAE. If you have a plan to create a Bayut type of property listing app, you can consult with a property listing app property development Company in uae. But, before that, you need to have an idea about the cost of Property Listing App.

What is the property listing app Bayut?

What is the property listing app Bayut

To know the cost of Property Listing App like Bayut, you must have some basic idea about Bayut.

Bayut is the leading mobile real estate app in the UAE with an extensive database of properties including apartments, villas, townhouses, mansions, shops and more. Users can buy, sell or rent these properties according to their needs. It connects everyone in the real estate business and provides a seamless, easy-to-use experience for buyers, sellers and renters. Bayut allows its users to search for property based on the criteria of the region, location, and price range throughout the UAE including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah.

However, Bayut is the most trusted real estate website and mobile app, with over 2.8 million monthly visitors and nearly 1200 agents listed on the platform. To date, over 1,000,000 users have downloaded this mobile app on all operating systems.

All these numbers speak to Bayut’s prominence as the leading mobile real estate app in the UAE region. Hence, any leading Property Listing App Development Company in UAE takes Bayut as the iconic property listing app.

Business Model of Bayut:

As we have discussed the cost of developing an app like Bayut, we must have to mention how Bayut makes money and what makes it a popular and iconic example of a real estate app to the property listing app development Company in Dubai.

Most of property listing websites and apps make money from subscription fees, advertising, featured listings, sales commissions, etc. In this respect, Bayut is different from others. A unique app for listing properties, Bayut doesn’t impose any commission fees. It only receives money from advertising. Even more, they guarantee that they won’t share or sell the information about its users with outside parties. The experience of real estate brokers, buyers, sellers, and tenants is their only goal. Bayut has become the top property platform in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other UAE cities because to its fair and impartial business model. Hence any leading property listing app development Company in uae follows this business model of Bayut while developing such type of app.

Hence, when you’re going to build an app like Bayut, you don’t need to be concerned about the Cost of Property Listing App. Your app will generate so much revenue that the Cost to Make App Development is almost nothing to that.

Outstanding features of Bayut:

Apart from the attractive user interface and numerous useful features, Bayut provides some intriguing features that enhance the user experience for both users and agents. These features will indeed increase your cost of Property Listing App. But, if you develop those features from a top-notch property listing app development Company in Dubai, it’ll ensure the success of your app. These features are as follows.

Floor plans in 2D and 3D

Bayut created 2D and 3D floor plans to give users and agents a bird’s eye view of each property in 3D and 2D formats since consumers must evaluate the specifications of a property online without seeing it in real-life surroundings.

App BayutPro

Bayut bought in a new app especially for the agents to allow them to increase productivity and maximize the sales goal.

TruCheck ™

Agents and brokers have to submit authentic photos for approval and TruCheck validate these photos after meticulous inspection with the help of AI-enabled services. After checking, TruCheck place a time stamp on that particular property and lets the users know about its availability.

TM SmartLeads

Agents are now able to evaluate leads and comprehend user behaviour. They now have better access to information on customers’ preferences for locations, spending limits, and the kinds of properties they are seeking for.

Must-Have Features of Property Listing App:

The cost of Property Listing App mostly depends upon the features of the app. So, when, you go to a reputed property listing app development Company, it’ll give you many options for adding features to your app based on your requirements. The must-have features of this kind of real estate app are as follows.

Advanced search

Users can adjust their search results based on factors such as location, neighbourhood, cost, amount of beds and more.

List View and Map View

With a concise and precise description of each property listing, this feature is extremely beneficial to have for an MLS listing app.The map view is helpful to users and provides a thorough view of the property and its surroundings. Any reputed property listing app development Company in uae designs this feature based on your needs.


Users find this is handy since it allows them to quickly locate listings in a location that meet the criteria they are searching for. These straightforward sorting apps often employ MSL methods

Save Search

Users can save their search results to access similar kinds of property in future.

Social Media

Realtors or the agent can display their property listing on their social media sites to attract buyers.

Instant Messaging

Customer can directly interact with the real estate agents with this feature. A leading property listing app development company integrates this feature for better performance.

360 View of Property helps the users to check the property without visiting the site.

Admin Panel

From this panel the app owner or the admin can track the agents’ and users’ activities in real-time, monitoring the transaction and checking insights of the business. A top-rated property listing app development Company designs this panel with innovative features.

Mortgage Calculator

It helps to interest rate, and down payment related to property purchasing.

3D-Model Showcasing

AR/VR enabled 3D-model of the property is used to attract investors for property selling.

A top-notch property listing app development Company in uae adds this feature to enhance user experience.

Push Notifications & CRM Solution

Realtors can go for CRM to maintain better customer relationships. Push notifications allow added interaction with customers.

Customer Support

Depending on the app’s sole function, this will be the location where the user goes to

customise their search, manage listings, arrange tours of the properties, and do a lot of other things.

When you ask for cost of Property Listing App to a leading property listing app development Company in uae, it will estimate the cost based on the development time of adding these features to your app.

Cost of Property Listing App like Bayut:

Any genuine property listing app development Company estimate the cost of developing an app depends upon several factors like developers’rate per hour, total development time, the complexity of the app and the features, UI/UX design, App platform and more.

Considering those factors any renowned property listing app development Company in uae gives the estimation of average cost of Property Listing App like Bayut is between AED 35000 to AED 50000. It may vary with the added features and functionality of the app

Final thought:

It is reported that the size of the worldwide real estate software market was estimated at USD 9.34 billion in 2020, and it is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028. The way the market share of real estate app and websites is growing, investing in property listing apps will generate huge revenue in future. The cost of Property Listing App estimation will guide you better to make the decision. Hence, if you plan to launch your property listing app like Bayut, you must contact a leading property listing app development Company in Dubai to develop a better-performing and revenue-driven app for your business.

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