Prisma application is a recently developed iOS app that helps users in enhancing their photos as they get to edit them by transforming the same into beautiful Picasso paintings. This photo editing app was initially only developed for the iOS platform and owing to its uniqueness non-iOS users were impatiently waiting for it to get launched for other platforms.Contact Fluper- App Development CompanyEven though it has taken a little long time but the good news is that Prisma App is now rolled out for android platform as well. Prisma app can be now used by both android and iOS users for enhancing their photos using some unique and amazing editing feature on the app itself.

This amazing photo editing app was released for iOS platform around 5 weeks ago and it became a sensation overnight in over 40 countries. Not less than 1.5 million users are actively using Prisma app ever since it was launched for the iOS version. As of now the developer has only released the beta version of the app for the android users. If you are interested in using the beta version then you can straight away head the website and get yourself registered for the same.

Prisma Application now available for Android

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Let’s have a look at the features of Prisma Application:


Prisma app has some amazing features and this truly explains why this app became an overnight sensation. You can use this app for editing your classic pictures by simply uploading them and selecting suitable features for adding an artistic touch to them.

This app will allow you to enhance your boring pictures and make them look more artistic. Prisma app was launched with around 20 filters at its time of launch and it was induced with new features at regular intervals. The images on this app will be rendered at different layers for recreating them.

3rd ranking in the US

Prisma app ranks at number 3 worldwide in the category of photo and video mobile applications. This application garnered a huge popularity in such a short timeframe. It currently ranks at number 3 in the United States. Now Prisma has started to add its official watermark on the photos edited on its app and the users can disable this function by going to the settings menu. The photos edited on this application can also be shared by the users on other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.

However, this app does not have an internal route to other social media accounts and therefore, you can share your photos edited on this app by manually saving them to your gallery. Once you save the edited pictures in your gallery, you can easily upload them on your favourite social media platforms. Going by the success and the performance of this app, it can be said that this is so far the best photo editing mobile app. The fact that it is now also getting rolled out for android version makes it even more desirable for photo editing purpose.


Prisma app is all set to enhance the photo editing app experience for the android users. Currently, this app is available for android users in the form of beta version only. If you are willing to use the beta version then head to the website and get yourself registered for the same.Contact Fluper best App Development

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