Sony has reportedly refreshed the PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles with a couple of minor upgrades between the older and newer models. According to an Australian publication, the new stock of PS5 consoles that have arrived in the country has a different model number as compared to the original PS5 devices and there are a few other changes as well. One of the major changes to the new refreshed consoles is that they are around 300 grams lighter. However, it is not clear yet what Sony has changed/upgraded to result in this weight reduction.

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Sony launched the PS5 in November last year and it was the company’s fastest-selling console ever. Several countries like UAE had to wait for a significant amount of time for the consoles to arrive here and even when they did they were rather limited in number. Press Start had mentioned in its report that the new consoles are about 300 grams lighter than the original PS5 and have a different type of screw for the base stand.

The new PlayStation 5 consoles are about 300 grams lighter than the original PS5.

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