In the present scenario, a lot of workers today are stuck doing a load of manual tasks, related to copying and pasting data. The workers are continuously tired of sending the spreadsheets out in the emails every morning and usually lacking any kind of mechanization because they lack the coding skills. The job of the workers is tedious, because they are not well aware of the coding part, and to resolve this issue Parabola a no-code platform is planning to change the set-up.

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The no-code platform Parabola wants to alter this with a trouble-free drag and drop workflow unit. The start-up platform has announced an $8 million Series A investment through which the company will start focusing on its ecommerce platform. The funding has been raised by Matrix Partners that led the Series A round with participation from Thrive Capital and different individual investors.

According to the latest reports, the Ilya Sukhar from Matrix will be joining the Parabola board beneath the conditions of the agreement. The no-code platform has now raised overall $10.2 million funding including its $2.2 million initial seed round in 2018.

With all this, funding the start-up company also announced a new Shopify connector that has boosted the online shopping. From the past few months, the platform Parabola has gained a boost in demand for its workflow automation services. More and more e-commerce vendors are showing interest in this, and to this, the no coding platform has added various functionalities to support that.

The Company founder and CEO Alex Yaseen are planning to give a new way to bring programming-like automation tools to everyone who deals with data copy paste tasks on a normal basis, mainly in a spreadsheet. “We’re a drag and drop productivity tool, and we like to say we bring the power of programming to everybody,” Yaseen CEO of the company told TechCrunch.

To accomplish this task the company is providing documents of pre-built steps to the workers through which they can drag and drop onto a workflow canvas effortlessly. Each of those steps helps you mechanize what was before a manual, monotonous statistics task in Google or excel Sheets.

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In addition to the above, the Lead investor of Series A funding Sukhar said that while low code is becoming more well-liked these days. CEO Alex Yaseen and lead investor both always seen it as a method to boost programming-level efficiency that will directly enhance the skills of the people to a much broader extent that work in particular.

“The real trick is finding the right set of users, the right abstraction, and the right niche to start with, and that’s where I think this goes back to the e-commerce focus. I think that’s what’s super exciting about the approach Parabola has taken, and what got me excited,” he said further.

For now, the company is planning to expand its services by using the money from this round. To keep cultivating the plan of the non-coding platform to make it even simpler for non-technical users. As per reports, the Series A funding round is very much for manufactured goods and design work to make it comfier and comfier for these users who are nowadays really recognizable with doing their tasks in Google or excel sheets. The platform makes it easier for people who are using less technical platforms, as the company is planning to develop products that are easier and more approachable.

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