Medical sector has certainly benefitted with recent technological innovations and advancements. The quality and precision of modern-day healthcare services have got much hype with the rise of on-demand mobile apps where people can instantly consult a doctor or can get their prescriptions delivered to their doorstep.

According to Grand View’s research, the global mHealth market size is expected to reach $ 112 billion by the end of 2025 with a CAGR of 444.2%. There is an increasing concern for health and fitness among worldwide population and because of this, there is a great scope for on-demand doctor mobile app development. The concept has revolutionized not only the way people approached medical services but the way doctors and medical experts used to respond to their patients. The ease of availability of instant medical assistance along with several exciting features are some major reasons why mHealth apps are getting hugely popular.

So, if you are looking forward for a game-changing business idea that can transform your financial status, developing an on-demand doctor app comes with ample benefits. We have offered much details about the entire on-demand doctor app development process so that you can make most out of this unique and in-demand concept.

Understanding the Business Model

Cost to Develop an On-demand Doctor App

An on-demand doctor app is meant to offer absolute convenience and flexibility in both accessing and delivering medical services. To proceed with it, you must know how exactly does it work?

When a user registers for an on-demand doctor mobile app, he enters complete details regarding his illness, including symptoms and some other previous medical reports (if any). The app thoroughly matches your symptoms and tries to get the best medical expert based on your entered information. You can check doctors’ availability, their profile, and instantly book an appointment for medical assistance and make an online payment thereafter.

Must-have Features for an On-demand Doctor App

Must-have Features for an On-demand Doctor App

Features of an app are always a key factor to decide the level of engagement your app can offer to its users. This is where you can get an extra edge over your competitors by offering some unique and amazing set of features to rejoice in an on-demand doctor app development. We have thoroughly evaluated some top doctor apps like ZocDoc, Doctor-on-demand, and Medscape to help you realize what needs to be there in an effective and efficient doctor app.

  • User Registration
  • Profile Creation
  • Doctor Search
  • Live Video Conferencing
  • In-app chat and calling
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • GPS Tracking
  • Payment Integration
  • Book Appointments
  • Emergency Cases
  • Push Notifications

Make sure that you hire the best mobile app development company in Dubai and ask them to include these basic features. Besides this, you always have the option to add your niche to make your app more useful, convenient, and flexible. Based on the initial research, you can add some exciting features that your target audience would love to see in an on-demand doctor app.

Tips to Make a Successful On-demand Doctor App

Tips to Make a Successful On-demand Doctor App

Rather than planning to launch a clone of a renowned doctor app, you must prioritize your target audience and try to deliver absolute comfort in accessing instant medical services. Here are some tips that will help you to create distinct and worthy doctor app for your users.

Develop a Great Network: As it’s an on-demand doctor app, you must prioritize adding as many doctors as you can in your app. This simply doesn’t mean that you partner with just any doctor you come to know, try adding some reputed doctors and specialists that are known well across the city or even country.

Doctors Must be Benefitted: The more contented doctors you have with your app, chances of getting great success will get multiplied obviously. And this can be done by offering them a valid incentive or a commission on every visit by a patient through your app.

Doctor Authentication: Make sure that you have eligible doctors on your list. Work diligently on getting their profiles and treatment history. Doctors with bad reputation can spoil the entire game.

Keep it Affordable: You have to work tirelessly to offer affordable and instant medical services to your users. Make sure that you offer discounts to your users. Choose an apt monetization strategy to make money from the app without keeping much burden on users to yield you maximum money.

Timely Updates: People often look for something new and you must provide regular updates for your on-demand doctor app. Use the best advanced technology to provide exceptionally different medical services through your app.

Cost to Develop an On-demand Doctor App

Cost to Develop an On-demand Doctor App

The total cost of any Doctor on-demand app development will depend on multiple factors like the type of mobile app development company in Dubai that you have hired, total number of features, project complexities, and the type of app that you want to launch.

Each aspect will directly add to the development cost. App development is a costly affair and includes many complexities in use of several app development technologies. Still, to give you an average estimate of on-demand doctor app development, it may cost you somewhere between $ 25000 to $ 30000. This is an estimate to develop an app from scratch and that too for a single platform (iOS or Android).

Revenue Model

Before you approach any iOS app development company in Dubai, you must prepare a detailed monetization strategy to make maximum money out of your on-demand doctor app. Afterall, generating revenue is the supreme cause behind launching an app. Here are some best monetization techniques that you can consider.

Commission based: Under this method, the patient pays the entire amount to the doctor and you become eligible for a fixed commission on each patient’s visit.

Featured Listing: When you help any doctor to come into the spotlight and get instant attention by patients in their search results, you charge a fix commission for doing so. +

In-app Advertisement: Once your app gains sufficient number of users, there will be umpteen companies approaching you to highlight their ads on your app’s interface.

Subscription Model: You can charge users for some customized and premium medical services that they can access by purchasing a subscription plan.

End Note

We hope that you must have got enough information on on-demand doctor app development. You must approach it in a professional way considering each aspect with due diligence and creativity. mHealth apps have great scope in the coming time as people hardly able to match their hectic schedules with doctor’s appointments.

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