Choosing an on-demand app development company from Dubai will offer multiple benefits besides reasonable development cost for your upcoming project.

The essence of on-demand apps has witnessed a dramatic upsurge in the recent few years. The post-pandemic period further added to its worth when people got immense convenience and flexibility to order daily required items without making physical contact. Mobile app development companies charge varying per hour development rates as per their expertise and geographic locations. The global e-commerce industry has already reached 5 trillion in 2021 and will certainly grow at an unprecedented rate in the coming years. If you are looking forward to grab a chunk of this vast ecosystem, you have to think over launching a swift and scalable on-demand mobile app, and for that you must look for a reputed and trusted mobile app development company. Today, we will discuss some crucial aspects related to on-demand app development cost in Dubai that will help you to streamline your entire development project.

Why Choose Dubai for App Development?

Why Choose Dubai for App Development

Dubai has been a hub for top-notch technological innovations where events like Dubai Expo and many others have boosted the economy and have invited worldwide investors. A mobile app development company in Dubai will offer you the best reasonable development rate along with unmatched expertise to deliver swift, smooth, and highly sophisticated on-demand service apps. Whether you need a hybrid, web-based, or a native app to be developed, app development agencies in Dubai have a proven excellence in delivering some top-notch mobile applications that the world is rejoicing today.

Now let’s discuss some crucial aspects related to the development cost and advantages that you get on hiring a mobile app development company from Dubai.

Choose an Apt category

On-demand mobile applications are generally categorized into various segments among which taxi hailing, food delivery, lifestyle shopping, grocery, retail, and telemedicine are some most demanded categories that can help you earn huge revenues from them. You just need to conduct extensive research on your target audience and try to figure out which category is clamant in your particular region. Prepare a detailed project requirement list that will help the development agency to get crucial insights about your particular project.

Key Features of an On-demand App

Key Features of an On-demand App

Any on-demand app development company will charge you specifically to the number and kind of features that you choose to incorporate in your on-demand mobile app. Features play vital role in deciding the level of engagement that your app will create for your users. Hence, you need to decide them them intuitively. Here are some must-have features of an on-demand service app that will help it get maximum attention by users.

Login Page: The login must be simple and swift that allows users to quickly register with an app and get started with the services offered by it.

User Profile: Allowing users to create a comprehensive profile and provide details that will help your app to access the data for delivering maximum satisfaction to them.

Search: An utmost important feature of an on-demand service app where users can easily search for different service providers available with the app and choose the best one among them.

Order Placement: It should be a simple, straightforward and time-saving for users to quickly place an order without any hassles.

Payment Integration:Ask your on-demand app development company to provide multiple payment options including some trusted payment gateways and cash-on-delivery options.

Geolocation Tracking: The most rejoiced on-demand service apps have this feature in them as it will allow your app to enhance user involvement and convenience.

In-app Chat & Calling: This is another one of the most rejoiced and required feature for an on-demand service app where users can directly chat or call a service provider for any query before placing an order.

Reviews & ratings: This feature makes people think that your app cares for their experience and you can use the data to make your app more efficient and worthwhile for your users.

These are just some must-have user panel features that you simply can’t ignore incorporating in your app. Besides these, you will have to consider some Admin panel features too that will allow you maximum control on your app’s performance.

Admin Panel Features

  • Content Management
  • Payment Management
  • Delivery Service Management
  • Reports & Analytics

Delivery Panel Features

  • Login
  • Personal Account
  • Payment History
  • Notifications
  • In-app Chat & Calling
  • GPS-assisted Route Navigation

So, considering all these basic features, we have thoroughly evaluated on-demand app development cost in Dubai taking into account the best advanced tech stack and creative app designing. Developing a basic on-demand service app will range somewhere between USD 24000 to 32000.

Developing an on-demand service app should not take more than 1500 to 1800 (5 to 6 months) hours to deliver the project with thorough testing & quality analysis. The above estimate is for developing a native app from scratch.

End Note

We have taken into account each development phase including planning & research, development, designing, testing, and quality analysis that is basically performed by any android and IOS app development company in Dubai. This is just an average cost for a basic on-demand service ap, the cost may vary depending on the project complexities and advanced features that you choose to incorporate in your app.

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