On Wednesday, Facebook disclosed numerous new features to allow users to get predominant control over the news feed category. It gives users to turn off the algorithm ranking feeds along with display content control that enables them to arrange content order according to them. 

Now Users will Avail More Control over News Feeds, Facebook Decided

This time users can adjust their commenting on other people for any given public post by selecting an option from multiple alternatives menu. It offers users options that starting from anyone who can see the post, only selective people to the only those pages that as a user you tag. Apart from these, Facebook has recently released a new tool called ‘Favorites’ where users have the power to balance and prioritize their posts from pages and friends according to their want and care about News Feed. 

Now Users will Avail More Control over News Feeds, Facebook Decided

Users can choose up to 30 pages and friends to mention in their favorites, and it will showcase their posts in higher ranked news feeds. It can also be seen as a separate filter. People who will use favorites often can access this new tool from the Feed Filter Bar; this is a new menu bar placed at the top of news feed.  

Any users who use Android can operate this Feed Filter Bar while they will scroll up to come on News Feed. This similar functionality will remain in all iOS applications within these upcoming weeks. However, with the commenting audience adjustment tool, a user can further manage how to invite conversation on the public posts and restrict any potential undesired interaction.

Now Users will Avail More Control over News Feeds, Facebook Decided

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