, a website and a mobile app is recently launched in the Kuwait City for the easy facilitation of the return of domestic workers stranded abroad to Kuwait. It is estimated that there are over 80,000 domestic workers who are currently stranded abroad at the moment as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. This concern is the prime reason that compelled the NAS (National Aviation Services) to initiate the development of website and app.

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This app and website will enable the sponsors to take charge of booking the flights for the domestic workers online, conduct their PCR tests and view the reports as well. app and website were developed for the purpose of creating an easy, uninterrupted and smooth process for each and every department involved in the easy return of domestic workers stranded abroad to Kuwait.

Covid-19 - New app developed for facilitating a smooth return of domestic workers to Kuwait -
It is announced by the government of Kuwait that all the domestic workers wishing to return will have to undergo a mandatory two weeks quarantine period in an official quarantine facility. The domestic workers will be required to pay 270 Kuwaiti dinars for their stay at the quarantine facility. This package will include charges for a 14 days accommodation, meals apart from 3 PCR tests.
The 1st PCR test will be conducted prior to boarding the flight to Kuwait. It is mandatory for the PCR test to show a negative result or else the passenger will not be allowed to board the flight. Once the passenger lands in Kuwait, he/she will again have to take a 2nd PCR test. If the result comes out negative then he/she shall be taken to the Kuwait’s special quarantine facility. Once the 14 days of quarantine period is over, the last PCR will be conducted and if the reports are negative, the domestic worker will be allowed to move out of the special quarantine facility.
As per the reports, the charges quoted by the government of Kuwait for the stay at its special quarantine facility for the domestic workers stranded abroad are subject to change depending on the upcoming scenarios.

Conclusion is not just an app or a website. It is an initiative for helping stranded domestic workers return back safely to Kuwait and lead a normal and secured life at their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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